How to fix a loose toilet


Loose toilets are one of the most common deficiencies found during our home inspections. There are many levels of looseness, from just a little loose to extremely loose; and they all require different remedies. When a toilet is slightly loose, in most cases, all it needs is for the bolts that are anchoring the toilet to the floor to be tightened. Adding caulking from one side to the other, and skipping the back for water to come out if there is a leak, is often all that is needed. When a toilet is fairly, to extremely, loose, it may require the wax ring to be replaced in order to prevent leakage and possible water damage. In this video, we will show you step by step how to take the toilet off, replace the wax ring and either install the same toilet or a brand new one. In this video, we are installing a brand new toilet.

If you are not very handy, you can use this video to have a better understanding of the job and can contact a qualified plumber to get it done for you professionally.

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