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When you are buying or selling a home, It is crucial that you choose the right inspector for one of the most important decisions and financial investments that you will make. When you choose us, you can be assured that our years as a contractor and working with homeowners in the Vancouver area that we know exactly what to look for and that we will always provide you with an impartial and unbiased assessment of the property. Vancouver home inspections – done right!


  • Ariel Giovannetti Avatar
    Ariel Giovannetti
    - Google

    Mike was awesome, very professional. You can tell he really cares about helping you know everything that you need to... read more

    Tony Gabriele Avatar
    Tony Gabriele
    - Google

    Mike from Inspect Canada was extremely thorough in doing a home inspection for us. He took the time to explain... read more

    Kelsa Lefebvre Avatar
    Kelsa Lefebvre
    - Google

    David was amazing to say the least. We felt confident going into our home inspection because he came highly recommended,... read more

    Aya Klippenstein Avatar
    Aya Klippenstein
    - Google

    We had David inspect a house we are purchasing today, and he was AMAZING! He did a walk through... read more

    C Tsang Avatar
    C Tsang
    - Google

    As a realtor, I have recommended Inspect Canada to clients many times. I’ve had the pleasure of working with David,... read more

    Priscilla Correa-Ryan Avatar
    Priscilla Correa-Ryan
    - Google

    Our whole experience with Inspect Canada was perfect! From the easy online payment system to the extremely thorough report, they... read more

  • Naveen R Avatar
    Naveen R
    - Google

    Amazing inspection Service! Very Professional and friendly, on time, value for money. Very happy that I got my service on... read more

    Sangyeong Jeong Avatar
    Sangyeong Jeong
    - Google

    Mike is a great inspector. He inspected the property for us prior to purchase. He checked the property carefully and... read more

    Fiza Sandhu Avatar
    Fiza Sandhu
    - Google

    I had David inspect my condo and he was awesome! Super professional, timely, and thorough. He also was able to... read more

    Daryl Albania Avatar
    Daryl Albania
    - Google

    David was highly recommended by our realtor. We used his services to do an inspection on a condo we’re planning... read more

    Natalia Bar Avatar
    Natalia Bar
    - Google

    Excellent condo inspection! Professional, on time, quick and good value for money. Krystal managed to book us on a very... read more

    Valerie Baker Avatar
    Valerie Baker
    - Google

    We used this service for a home inspection before buying a house. Mike was wonderful! He did an outstanding job... read more

  • Wendy Chen Avatar
    Wendy Chen
    - Google

    William from Inspect Canada did inspection for my newly bought condo. He was very friendly and very professional. He checked... read more

    James Lucero Avatar
    James Lucero
    - Google

    Purchased our very first condo together with my girlfriend and needed a home inspection. Booking was easy and priced extremely... read more

    Akanksha Sharma Avatar
    Akanksha Sharma
    - Google

    Mike did an outstanding job with the inspection of condo house. He was pretty detailed in his review and honest... read more

    Tim Kim Avatar
    Tim Kim
    - Google

    David was very good inspector for home. He went thorough very detail with the pre-inspection and took the time to... read more

    Gangha Dharan Avatar
    Gangha Dharan
    - Google

    The website is easy to use. I was able to schedule an appointment easily. David is very professional. He was... read more

    J Zhou Avatar
    J Zhou
    - Google

    Mike from Inspect Canada did an outstanding job inspecting our new home. I thought the inspection would be done in... read more

  • Qais Habibi Avatar
    Qais Habibi
    - Google

    David inspected our first townhouse and did an amazing job. I could not be there at the time of inspection,... read more

    Yonggang Ding Avatar
    Yonggang Ding
    - Google

    Will did a fantastic job in doing our inspection. He was thorough in going through the unit, ensuring that all... read more

    Emma V Avatar
    Emma V
    - Google

    Mike and Tanner came to do our new house inspection, and they did a phenomenal job! They both made sure... read more

    Annie P Avatar
    Annie P
    - Google

    I used for my condo inspection prior to removing subjects. William was great and walked my partner and I... read more

    Shelley Harris Avatar
    Shelley Harris
    - Google

    Purchase Property Inspection

    I'm pleased to write a review for Inspect Canada and particularly Mike J who conducted our pre-purchase home...
    read more

    Gina Bourne Avatar
    Gina Bourne
    - Google

    I can't speak highly enough of the team at Inspect Canada! I have had the pleasure of working with... read more

  • Liza Poblete Avatar
    Liza Poblete
    - Google

    William happened to arrive at the house before us so he opened the door when we arrived and right there... read more

    Ian Wan Avatar
    Ian Wan
    - Google

    William helped us inspect a new home that we’re buying. Him and his partner did a very thorough job to... read more

    - Google

    Cannot speak highly enough of my experience with David Asselin. He is very professional . David was incredibly diligent... read more

    Anett Paulik Avatar
    Anett Paulik
    - Google

    Inspect Canada did a great job for my client. They were professional and very informative. My client is a firm... read more

    Josephine Choi Avatar
    Josephine Choi
    - Google

    Inspect Canada did an excellent job inspecting for my client's purchase. From start to finish, they were prompt, professional, and... read more

    Artur Reznikov Avatar
    Artur Reznikov
    - Google

    We had a very pleasant experience with Inspect Canada and inspector Mike. He was very thorough and very helpful. Our... read more

  • Siyuan Yin Avatar
    Siyuan Yin
    - Google

    Will and his coworker are very responsible, friendly and professional! Their inspection for my new purchase of townhouse was thorough... read more

    Johnny Ji Avatar
    Johnny Ji
    - Google

    David was the most incredible person I could have imagined for the job. He inspected every inch of a condo... read more

    Michael Harvey Avatar
    Michael Harvey
    - Google

    William did a great job, and my clients were very happy with him, and the service he provided. Professional and... read more

    Yulia Terekh Avatar
    Yulia Terekh
    - Google

    Thank you Mike for your thorough inspection and review, for such a comprehensive report with all the details and information... read more

    Heidi Nano Avatar
    Heidi Nano
    - Google

    Mike Juri inspected our future house and we are very thankful for his service! He is very informative, detailed and... read more

    Thomas Ungerer Avatar
    Thomas Ungerer
    - Google

    The best home inspectors in the world. Is there anything else that needs to be said? Good honest... read more

  • Albert Joseph Badiong Avatar
    Albert Joseph Badiong
    - Google

    David's inspection work was very impressive! He was very thorough in showing us around the house, and demonstrating what worked... read more

    Jeannett Tweedie Avatar
    Jeannett Tweedie
    - Google

    Awesome service! As we were not able to be there in person for the home inspection, our real estate... read more

    Tom Pinchin Avatar
    Tom Pinchin
    - Google

    Very happy with our decision to have William come and do an inspection on our new townhouse! The report was... read more

    Philip le Avatar
    Philip le
    - Google

    David was an awesome inspector! He was professional and very detailed on the inspection he did for a new home... read more

    Lilian So Avatar
    Lilian So
    - Google

    Thorough and detailed inspection. David was very professional and took the time to explain everything to us. We would... read more

    bunny ribbon Avatar
    bunny ribbon
    - Google

    Thanks David who did the detail inspection to my newly condo and explain to me clearly.

  • Fiona Zhou Avatar
    Fiona Zhou
    - Google

    David (inspector) was really good at inspecting our unit. He was very thorough in explaining the parts where the unit... read more

    Ally Davis Avatar
    Ally Davis
    - Google

    David and Mike did an amazing job on their inspection for the condo we were looking to buy! My partner... read more

    Clarissa Banos Avatar
    Clarissa Banos
    - Google

    Superb customer service, very punctual, professional and friendly.
    Mike inspected my future home and took the time to go over and...
    read more

    Xenia Egorov Avatar
    Xenia Egorov
    - Google

    Will helped my clients with their pre-purchase inspection. He was very thorough and gave valuable advice about the maintenance of... read more

    ckhara94 Avatar
    - Google

    Mike with Inspect Canada did a wonderful job coaching my first time home buyers and helping them feel comfortable about... read more

    Shantala Robinson Avatar
    Shantala Robinson
    - Google

    Will inspected a home that we were interested in buying. He did a terrific job, taking the time to explain... read more

  • Brenda Chacon Avatar
    Brenda Chacon
    - Google

    David went above and beyond during our inspection . Checked every little thing possible. really took his time during the... read more

    Jason Liu Avatar
    Jason Liu
    - Google

    Definately a professional team. I had them to perform a pre-purchase inspection. They used thermal imaging, electical tester and all... read more

    Yaseen Ansari Avatar
    Yaseen Ansari

    Highly recommend these guys, very professional and thorough with their work.

    Carl Gutsche Avatar
    Carl Gutsche
    - Google

    Fantastic job! Couldn't be happier with the service provided and overview.
    Report was very thorough and easy to read. After...
    read more

    - Google

    We juts had our future property inspected by David and Will. From the moment that I contacted them, the experience... read more

    Damien Marks Avatar
    Damien Marks
    - Google

    I can't say enough positive things about David and William both as professionals and as great people. I often refer... read more

  • Shiv Varma Avatar
    Shiv Varma
    - Google

    Just wanted to say that My wife and I were absolutely impressed by Mike and David! We really appreciate... read more

    Sophia Gee Avatar
    Sophia Gee
    - Google

    David and his crew are amazing inspectors and provides amazing work.

    Professional and thorough!

    One of the best I have every worked with!

    Trystan King Avatar
    Trystan King
    - Google

    Best in the business! Often refer them out to clients and they are satisfied each and every time. Professional, diligent,... read more

    Josh Ma Avatar
    Josh Ma

    They're amazing guys who really take their time looking through the property and then to explain all their findings to... read more

    Jason Wood Avatar
    Jason Wood

    I needed a rush inspection for a client and they were willing and able to accommodate l,n questions asked. They... read more

    Randy Law Avatar
    Randy Law
    - Google

    David was very enthusiastic in helping us with our home inspection. He gave thorough reports and was open to answering... read more

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Included With Every Home Inspection


Buy Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our inspection services that if we miss anything, we’ll buy your home back! There’s no deductible and no “weasel” clauses.

Learn more →


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

To prove our confidence in the services we provide, we offer a satisfaction guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason whatsoever you will get a refund!

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Free Appliances Inspection

Part of our home inspection is checking that all major appliances are functioning properly.

Learn more →


Thermal Imaging Infrared Scan

Using the most technologically advanced tools available, we are able to detect moisture that’s invisible to the human eye as well as defective electrical components, radiant heat issues and HVAC deficiencies to name a few.

Learn more →


Rodent/Animal-Like Inspection

We will inspect for both past and present infestations, as well as investigate and report on conditions in the home that are conducive to rodents so that you can address potential concerns before they become bigger issues.

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Visual Mold Inspection

It is crucial that mold problems be detected early. That will make the removal and remediation process much quicker, easier and more affordable.

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Educational Videos

David here with an important reminder about hot water tank safety. ...

How to remove a garburator and finish the plumbing. Garburators or garbage disposals are a thing of the past. They smell, they leak all the time, they are noisy, they are a bacteria trap, they break all the time and they clog-up pipes. In this video, I'll show how easy it is to remove them and refinish the plumbing properly. It is extremely easy and definitely something you can do yourself. ...

David here with some information on Concrete roofs. ...

David here with an inspection find we like to see. ...

David here to talk to you about an awesome system for heating and cooling. ...

David here with an important reminder about window safety. ...

Mike here with a reminder that all appliances need maintenance. ...

How to replace a normal bathroom fan switch to a timer switch.. One of the biggest problem in every homes is a lack of ventilation. Too much moisture will create bad indoor air quality and could grow mold. We often recommend adding a timer for the bathroom fan instead of a regular switch since most people will turn the fan off when they get out of the bathroom leaving the room full of moisture. In this video, we will show you how easy it is to replace your normal switch to a timer that will help remove the moisture. ...

Our Home Inspection Packages

A home inspection will provide you with a professional opinion on the overall condition of your home so that you can make confident decisions and avoid expensive pitfalls.


When you’re buying a townhouse, you need reliable and professional information that you can trust. You will get a full picture of what you’re getting into and find out ways to avoid costly mistakes.


A condominium inspection will let you know of any existing issues, or where issues may arise. Get a more complete understanding of what to expect.


Happy Clients

Post purchase house inspection in Abbotsford for William with awesome clients. Thank you for trusting us to help you with their due diligence. ...

Inspection in Langley for David with wonderful clients of of @stonehausrealty. Thank you for choosing us to help your clients with their due diligence. ...

AJ is on a roll. Thank you to our clients who take the time to leave us a review. ...

Morning house inspection for Mohsen with fantastic clients of @amandajohnrealtor and @ginabourne of @oakwyn
Always appreciate the opportunity to help your clients with their due diligence.

What an absolute pleasure working with awesome clients and these reviews are the best rewards. Thank you to our clients who take the time to leave us a review. ...

Condo inspection for Mohsen in Abbotsford for awesome clients of @theshawndhesi of @exprealty_. Thank you for the opportunity to help your clients with their due diligence. ...

House inspection for David in Burnaby for wonderful clients of of @macdonaldrealtybc. Thank you for choosing us to help your clients with their due diligence. ...

Condo inspection for William in Surrey for @kirakjohnson or @exprealty_ . Thank you for the opportunity to help your clients with their due diligence. ...


Vancouver home inspections and more - Also serving Coquitlam, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Langley, New Westminster, Delta, Port Coquitlam, Chilliwack, White Rock, West Vancouver, Pitt Meadowns, Port Moody, Anmore, Lions Bay, Belcarra, Bowen Island, North Vancouver

Pre-Listing Inspection Reports

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8 hours ago
Inspect Canada

Post purchase house inspection in Abbotsford for William with awesome clients. Thank you for trusting us to help you with their due diligence. ... See MoreSee Less

Post purchase house inspection in Abbotsford for William with awesome clients. Thank you for trusting us to help you with their due diligence.
8 hours ago
Inspect Canada

Inspection in Langley for David with wonderful clients of of @stonehausrealty. Thank you for choosing us to help your clients with their due diligence. ... See MoreSee Less

Inspection in Langley for David with wonderful clients of of @stonehausrealty. Thank you for choosing us to help your clients with their due diligence.
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