How is the Buyer Protected With a Seller’s Inspection?

This is a common question that comes up when talking about seller inspections. For all intents and purposes, all the benefits seem to go to the seller – or at least at first glance. In reality, there are many benefits that go to the buyer, and many protections as well.

There are more benefits for the buyer than we can even begin to mention. So instead of going over all of them, we will consider the top three benefits and protection that the buyer gets from a seller’s inspection. The third point is the best one – so be sure to read until the end.

1: The Buyer Can Use the Seller’s Report as a Guide

This is a great benefit. Most of the time when a buyer views the home, they only have some basic listing information to go over. Also, a buyer usually only visits the property once or twice before going under contract. That does not give a buyer time to get into the details of the home before making their decision.

With a seller’s inspection, though, you get to see the good, the bad, and everything in between. You will see pictures of the inside of the attic, electric panel, crawlspaces, and more (areas you don’t usually get to see when just walking through a home without a seller’s inspection).

The report is an in-depth walkthrough of the home that a buyer would otherwise not have. It also shows some of the defects that were found during the inspection, and then how the seller fixed them.


2: Hire the Inspector for an On-Site Review


Just because the inspector worked for the seller, doesn’t mean that you can’t hire the inspector back to review everything with you. Since the inspector was already there, he will also have a better knowledge of the home than an inspector who has not been there before.

If you decide to hire a completely different inspector, that new inspector now has a report to review beforehand. This gives the new inspector more insight into the home before the inspection than he would normally have, and this leads to a better home inspection experience.


3: Transfer Warranties to the Buyer, Such as the Buy Back Guarantee


This is by far the biggest, and most impressive benefit and protection to the buyer. Many home inspectors (such as us) offer warranties to our clients. These warranties can then be transferred to the buyer. This is a protection that the buyer would not have had unless the seller had inspected the home already.

The best part of this is the Buy Back Guarantee through InterNACHI. If anything is missed on your home inspection, InterNACHI will buy your home back – for the price you paid for it. This is an incredible program, and one that really works. InterNACHI has bought homes back from real live home buyers for years now.

This guarantee has no weasel clauses and is by far the best protection for homebuyers. So if the seller of the home you are buying has had an inspector who offers this guarantee, this benefit then gets passed on to you – the buyer.


Seller Inspections – Not Just Helping Sellers

If you are buying a home, then one of the best protections you can have as a new homebuyer is to look for a home that has been pre-inspected. When you do, you get a reliable, written guide to your home, a home inspector who you can call on for more information, and warranties and guarantees that give you real protection.

With all of these benefits, why look for any other type of home? Make sure your new home has been pre-inspected!

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