How to Install or Replace an old Thermostat to a Digital Thermostat


Having old style thermostats is not a deficiency and replacement with a new one is easy. Whether you like to install a simple digital thermostat or a Nest system, it can all be done easily. There is no need for new wiring, but simply swapping the thermostats and re-wiring properly. Keep in mind that there are two types of thermostats. One is designed for low voltage such as for furnaces, AC, and heat pumps. The second is line voltage for electric baseboard heaters. There are many benefits to having programmable thermostats: less adjustment needed, improved zone temperature control, less stress on the HVAC, advanced features such as Wi-Fi capability, and lower heating bills.

In this video, we will show you how to do this simple replacement. You will only need a few tools and no experience is necessary. Every new thermostat has detailed instructions in the box. But remember low voltage is very safe, line voltage requires a few more steps such as turning off the breaker in the electrical panel to cut the power off. If you are not comfortable, please consider hiring a qualified electrician.

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