Perimeter Drain Tile Inspection


Drains around the foundation of a house are designed to direct water away from the foundation in order to prevent water damage in the home and yard. Clay and Concrete drain tiles, Big-O drain tiles, and PVC are all common types of drain material. PVC has been used since the early 90’s. All the older styles of drain material have passed life expectancy and should be replaced – or, at least, be inspected every two years.

In this video, we will show you the steps of a perimeter drain inspection. If you have settling sidewalks, foundation cracks, drains overflowing, efflorescence (white powdery residue on the concrete walls) in the crawlspace or basement, a musty smell in the basement — consider having your drains inspected. A simple hydro jet can clear up any clogged drains. Do not wait for water damage, get your drains inspected every two years. It is affordable, extremely important, and could prevent damage and a large repair bill. Visit our drain inspection page to learn more and see other sample drain scans.

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