Janice Downing Avatar
Janice Downing
Professional, thorough and so helpful. Thank you
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Right on Ron Morris Avatar
Right on Ron Morris
Thank you so much for the in detail inspection and walking me through everything as well and explaining every detail. You’re truly the BEST and anyone who hires you will be blessed and you even showed up early. A HUGE THANK YOU. Ron Morris
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Lydia Gan Avatar
Lydia Gan
Good service !
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Saeed Bazzaz (Ben) Avatar
Saeed Bazzaz (Ben)
Inspect Canada exceeded my expectations with their thorough and detailed home inspection. David and his team were not only professional but also incredibly informative, providing a comprehensive report that was instrumental in my decision-making process. Their expertise and attention to detail gave me the confidence and peace of mind I needed. Highly recommend their services for anyone in need of a reliable home inspection.
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Sam Tabrizi Avatar
Sam Tabrizi
Great company to deal with, thorough inspections!
read more
Nick Lo Avatar
Nick Lo
I've had the pleasure of working with both David and Mehran from Inspect Canada on numerous occasions, and they consistently deliver top-notch home inspections. Whether it's for my own property or for a client, I always feel assured entrusting them with the inspection process. Their attention to detail is unmatched, and they go above and beyond to address any questions or concerns, no matter the time. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of thorough and reliable home inspections.
read more
Gideon Avatar
David and his team conducted a very thorough and professional inspection of our new property and provided us promptly a very detailed report with clear explanations. It gave us the needed confidence in the purchase process. Thank you David for your responsiveness and for the courteous and professional service.
read more
Andrea Francis Avatar
Andrea Francis
Amazing service. Very thorough and informative. Did not miss a thing.
read more
Ashok Kumar J Avatar
Ashok Kumar J
Very detailed inspection by Sandeep and he explained all information in detail. Received a detailed report with recommendations, loved to work with inspect.ca
read more
Jennifer Lui Avatar
Jennifer Lui
Mehran did the inspection of my unit and he did a very thorough job! During the walk-through, he explained everything that he found in detail and I also like that he gave tips and educated me on how to maintain certain things around the unit as well. I've used Inspect Canada twice so far, and for both times, I've been happy with my experience with them.
read more
Paul Canty Avatar
Paul Canty
Excellent Service. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a home inspection.
read more
آبی غم رنگ Avatar
آبی غم رنگ
I was extremely impressed with Sandeep’s job, he went over every detail. He is highly professional, knowledgable and proficient in his work. I am a first time buyer and Sandeep gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing that he was doing such a thorough and comprehensive job looking over the place. I would highly recommend his services.
read more
Stephanie Melo Avatar
Stephanie Melo
David was very professional and informative during the home inspection process. He was efficient and made the decision to purchase much more comfortable. Thank you David!
read more
Chris W. Avatar
Chris W.
Really good experience. Had Mehran as inspector and he was friendly, professional, and super knowledgeable. We put an offer on a fixer-upper and he gave us the info needed to truly understand what we’d be putting on our plates and made our decision much more informed. I’d really recommend these folks.
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Brenda Duong Avatar
Brenda Duong
We had David as our inspector on a new build and he was very knowledgable, thorough and informative. He found a leaking issue which we would have not caught ourselves, especially for a new build and so it was a great catch and will save us on damages going forward. This company was also very speedy and quick in their response for making an appointment. We would hire David again for future home inspections.
read more
Tari Fong Avatar
Tari Fong
The inspector answered my questions promptly and honestly. He was knowledgeable and helpful.
read more
Lau CPA Avatar
Fast and professional service
read more
Ben Duenas Avatar
Ben Duenas
Very thorough, knowledgeable and great explaining the result of the inspection. Great job!
read more
DBan Avatar
Inspector was great. He was very thorough & knowledgeable. When inspection was completed, he was very patient with going over all the findings. Price was reasonable. I would definitely recommend this company.
read more
Ana Maria D Manolache Avatar
Ana Maria D Manolache
We had Mehran Naderi do an inspection for us and couldn’t be more happy with how it went! They were professional, easy to schedule and work with, and during the inspection found him very thorough and clear as well as friendly! We received the report right away, and would highly recommend to everyone! Thank you!
read more
Edwin Leong Avatar
Edwin Leong
Excellent inspection service! David is a consummate professional and he takes the time to explain everything and anything you could have questions about. Hard to beat this service!
read more
Ada Wong Avatar
Ada Wong
Very nice people ! Very professional ! Good service!
read more
Faye Magee Avatar
Faye Magee
Excellent inspection today with Mehran. He was very detailed and looked at everything thoroughly in the townhouse my buyer was purchasing. He explained everything in detail and followed up with a clear, concise report which was easy to understand. Will definitely use this company again.
read more
Shiqi Yang Avatar
Shiqi Yang
Amazing service, detailed inspection with report and David did a very thorough walk through afterwards. Loved him energy as well!
read more
Mariano De Sousa Avatar
Mariano De Sousa
We had the most amazing experience with David and his team. The level of detail of the inspection is superb, they were able to point out dozens of items we missed having done multiple visits to the place. Inspect Canada has given us the confidence we needed to make what is probably one of the most important decisions ir our lives: finding a place to call home. I cannot recommend enough this team! Thank you again Inspect Canada!
read more
Ed Virvicius Avatar
Ed Virvicius
Had great experience dealing with Inspect Canada. The inspection was very detailed, inspector Sandeep went into great detail about the inspection findings and general recommendations. Sandeep is very professional and diligent at what he does, the report was in our inbox the same day. I'd recommend Inspect Canada and Sandeep Bhangu specifically.
read more
P Batta Avatar
P Batta
Our inspector Said did a great job. He walked us through the property and pointed all the major things that need to be addressed. I would definitely recommend Inspect Canada to anyone looking for a great and detailed inspection of a property. They were very thorough with their inspection and they were also very accommodating of our last minute request for an early morning inspection on a Friday.
read more
Sami Ahmad Avatar
Sami Ahmad
Best inspection company. My clients are always happy with inspect Canada.
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Azhar Shaikh Avatar
Azhar Shaikh
Amazing experience with Sandy! He was very friendly and thorough with the inspection. Very well drafted inspection report and walkthrough each and every area of the house. Highly recommended!
read more
Parm Rai Avatar
Parm Rai
Fantastic service and very professional and knowledgeable
read more
JTechsha Avatar
Better than amazing! The inspection was very thorough, explanations to us were clear with lots of patience. We also got the final report within minutes after the inspection. Don’t know what else we would hope for in terms of inspection. Will definitely recommend to everyone! Last but not least, the team members were really friendly and knowledgeable!
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sean wang Avatar
sean wang
非常认真和仔细 详尽的检查报告和处理意见 让我们了解到房屋的情况
read more
Dylan Kay Avatar
Dylan Kay
Very detailed and very knowledgeable .
read more
Wes Rother Avatar
Wes Rother
Thorough inspection, excellent walk-through with us, great communication before-during-and-after. Highly recommend.
read more
Gus Silverio Avatar
Gus Silverio
Mehran from Inspect Canada was fantastic. He was thorough and honest with his inspection.
read more
Kiarash Mousavinejad Avatar
Kiarash Mousavinejad
Great experience, they are very through and have attention to every detail
read more
Karen Moore Avatar
Karen Moore
very thorough, everything was well explained.
read more
Cyrus Muir Avatar
Cyrus Muir
read more
Tom Clackson Avatar
Tom Clackson
Outstanding service. Thanks again to the team!
read more
Arnold Baltazar Avatar
Arnold Baltazar
It was a great experience talking with David, learned a lot of stuff from him. Highly recommended 👍🏻
read more
Vicki Cheng Avatar
Vicki Cheng
Dave is very professional and explains all the details. He takes time to guide us through the whole area. We are very happy with his service.
read more
Viet Do Avatar
Viet Do
David is one of the best in the business. His knowledge and experience gives all my buyers peace of mind when purchasing their first or fifth property. He's super friendly, has a great sense of humor and shows true professionalism in his work and it shows everytime.
read more
Marcus Chan Avatar
Marcus Chan
Today, inspectors David and Mehran showed their professionalism and provided us with a detailed and helpful report.
read more
Prashant Modha Avatar
Prashant Modha
Good feedback and fast response.
read more
Jose Hermilo Ortega Martinez Avatar
Jose Hermilo Ortega Martinez
David was great and very detailed on the inspection! I’m very happy with his work
read more
Bryanna Baker Avatar
Bryanna Baker
I’ve had several clients use Inspect Canada over the past few months and their team has been fantastic. From Krystal’s responsiveness and top notch customer service to David and team’s thorough inspections. My clients have been extremely satisfied with their services.
read more
Iman Aghay Avatar
Iman Aghay
I highly recommend working with Mehran. He provided us with a great full report as well as a summary report on all the problems of the place we are purchasing and how we should fix them or what type of professional we need to connect with to fix the issue. What was more impressive is the amount of time he spent with us on walking through the entire house and giving us detailed explanation and answering all of our questions! Definitely I’d recommend working with him and would refer him any family or friends who needs an inspection for their property.
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Jordan S Avatar
Jordan S
Great service, thorough and professional. Always one of my first choices
read more
Marnix V Avatar
Marnix V
Very through, great notes, going through each area one on one was very informative
read more
Jon Lingat Avatar
Jon Lingat
Said was very professional and very informative on what we needed to know. He took his time to explain his report. Highly reccomend!
read more
Aimie Wong Avatar
Aimie Wong
Said Noori was extremely professional, detailed oriented and patient. When providing us with the report of his assessment, he explained what he looked for and the methods he used. He patiently answered all our questions. We'd highly recommend him to others.
read more
Claire Cao Avatar
Claire Cao
Very knowledgeable and efficient! Friendly service and fast report.
read more
Ryan Loo Avatar
Ryan Loo
I am a licensed realtor and have gone through countless inspections. David and his team are very knowledgeable and thorough, the booking process is also a breeze. Highly recommended.
read more
Henry So Avatar
Henry So
We had a very good experience with Inspect Canada. Inspector David Asselin was thorough and informative on the findings. Great job!! Thank you.
read more
MA Fitness 4U Avatar
MA Fitness 4U
My wife and I had an amazing experience with our home inspection performed by Mr. Mehran Naderi. He demonstrated exceptional attention to detail during the inspection and went above and beyond to get the job professionally done. Mehran’s thoroughness and dedication gave us confidence in the property’s condition and our purchase. He also produced a comprehensive report which was clear and easy to understand. We highly recommend Mehran’s expertise in home inspection and reliable service.
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Justin C. Li PREC Avatar
Justin C. Li PREC
Inspect Canada gets a 5-star rating because they have consistently and continually served close to 20 of my best clients within the past 6-years without skipping a beat. The positive client experience begins with the interaction when booking/scheduling for an inspection, and the inspection is handled with utmost professionalism. My clients particularly appreciate the interactive inspection report. Highly recommended.
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James Hickey Avatar
James Hickey
Amazing service Said went above and beyond with our home inspection. Without a doubt most professional and hassle free service don't hesitate to book your next home inspection.
read more
Aron Cable Avatar
Aron Cable
Mehran was very thorough, took care and attention to the work he was doing, and explained the process to me as he was performing the inspection. He also took the time to walk around the property (not just around the perimeter of the house), to really understand the characteristics of the property grading and the flow of water off the mountain and towards the house. He even added a couple of screws to my downspouts for added security.
read more
Xinbo Li Avatar
Xinbo Li
Our experience with our home inspector Mehran was exceptional. He approached his work with attention to detail and provided comprehensive report covering every aspect of the inspection. Besides the report, he walked us through each detail patiently, answering all our questions with clarity and expertise. His willingness to wait for us to arrive after completing the inspection shows that he put himself in his clients' shoes, making him extremely easy to work with. With Mehran's meticulous work, we were able to confidently remove subjects, knowing that we had a complete understanding of the property's condition. We endorse his services to anyone seeking a thorough and reliable inspection.
read more
Charl Brill Avatar
Charl Brill
Extremely thorough and friendly service. Will definitely recommend using them.
read more
Matheus Andrade Avatar
Matheus Andrade
Mehran consistently delivers exceptional results, and once again, he has surpassed expectations with the latest inspection for my clients. Well done!
read more
Tom Kaczmarski Avatar
Tom Kaczmarski
I will be brief. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!! Through detailed easy to understand and all done with a smile.i would happily recommend David to anyone!!!
read more
Lydia Jia Ren Avatar
Lydia Jia Ren
Very detailed, very professional! The final walk through is clear and understandable.
read more
Had an inspection done with Said on a condo, very smooth and detailed process. Highly recommended!
read more
B Prince Avatar
B Prince
Professional, efficient, thorough, articulate, everything i expected in a good inspection service. Will definitely use again.
read more
Preety Desai Avatar
Preety Desai
David Asselin was thorough and totally professional!
read more
Kent Ollis Avatar
Kent Ollis
Great service, extremely knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!
read more
Sean Meng Avatar
Sean Meng
professional, efficient, and they are very nice as well.
read more
Akhi Thapar Avatar
Akhi Thapar
Mehran was great, informative and with lots of knowledge. Highly recommended.
read more
Naomi Wang PREC* Real Estate Service Avatar
Naomi Wang PREC* Real Estate Service
David is the BEST of the best inspetor!He and his company Canada Inspection is very professional and responsive!I have many buyers who used the inspectors from his company,100% of my buyers are satisfied with their service!!They are such caring people and always care about my clients!David is a boss ,but he is super friendly and patient to all my clients!He works so hard for all the details of the house and after finish the inspection, he spends a lot time to review the whole property and explains all the details and what my buyers should pay more attention when they move in and he is very honest too .He puts all my clients’ interest first and all my clients are so happy that I help them to choose such a good inspetor and I strongly recommend that more buyers should use Canada Inspection company and David is the best of the best!All his employees are very good too! Thank you ,David and Canada Inspection! Regards from Naomi Wang from Sutton West Coast Realty May 6,2022
read more
Meisam Shahbandeh Avatar
Meisam Shahbandeh
Mehran worked beyond my expectation! A detail-oriented person who knows how a perfect inspection is. Thank you Mehran!
read more
Andrey Bondarenko Avatar
Andrey Bondarenko
Super efficient and detailed service. Definitely would recomend!
read more
Juan Carlos Peralta Martínez Avatar
Juan Carlos Peralta Martínez
Very professional work
read more
K D Avatar
Amazing service and walk-through experience!
read more
neil ma Avatar
neil ma
Great walkthrough on the inspection results. Very thorough report. Thoughtful recommendations. Very reasonable price. I would recommend them.
read more
Ron Avatar
Very professional and responsive
read more
Karen Jarvie Avatar
Karen Jarvie
Excellent inspection, very thorough. Very professional. Thank you.
read more
phil chemerika Avatar
phil chemerika
DAVID was very thorough and knowledgeable. Spent lots of time with us going through house and answering all questions
read more
Jordan Morales Avatar
Jordan Morales
I had a fantastic experience with David as my home inspector! His attention to detail was exceptional, and he went above and beyond to ensure a thorough inspection. David's expertise and professionalism made the process smooth and reassuring. He patiently answered all my questions and provided valuable insights, making me feel confident about my home purchase. I highly recommend David for anyone in need of a reliable and meticulous home inspector! 10/10
read more
Tamila Lazun Avatar
Tamila Lazun
Inspect Canada delivers excellent service and it all about great people who take care of their clients and go above and beyond. Huge thank to Mehran Naderi. It a genuine pleasure to be working with you. It is professional and left me with the feeling that everything is covered. Great partnership!
read more
Nikita Savoy Avatar
Nikita Savoy
Highly recommend!! Amazing, detailed and explained everything very well.
read more
shani Buchman Avatar
shani Buchman
I couldn't be happier with the service I got from Inspect Canada! They were wonderful from the first moment I talked to them on the phone. Both Vanessa and Crystal were very helpful ,nice and extremely knowledgeable. They were very patient and gave me all the information I needed. Mehran, the inspector, was amazing!!!very thoughtful and thorough. He noticed everything!!! I couldn't believe the things he found. He explained everything and after just 2 hours we received a very detailed report with all the information we needed and more. We couldn't be happier with the level of service. Thank you!
read more
Harmanpreet Singh Avatar
Harmanpreet Singh
Seemless Process! Very Knowledgeable tech.
read more
Bane Jr Avatar
Bane Jr
read more
Jaspreet Kaur Avatar
Jaspreet Kaur
Mehran was thorough in his work; he provided a detailed explanation and feedback on his findings both personally and in his formal written report. It was a pleasure to work with you, Mehran! Thank you!
read more
Monica MacLeod Avatar
Monica MacLeod
Clients are super happy with Mehran at Inspect Canada. Inspector is knowledgeable, professional, polite and on time. Explained everything to clients so we know what our next step is. Thank you.
read more
Dylan Nihte Avatar
Dylan Nihte
If you're looking for a well thought out methodical and thorough inspection look no further these guys have got it dialed in. I've used inspect Canada on numerous properties and every time they don't fail to go that extra mile to actually explain everything about the property and going to depth which always makes me feel extremely confident as a buyer of property
read more
hannah serka Avatar
hannah serka
Great experience, David was knowledgeable & super helpful!
read more
Jennily Avatar
Excellent service, super professional, and with great expertise. Would recommend 100%
read more
Mojtaba Zanganeh Avatar
Mojtaba Zanganeh
Mr Saeid Nouri was very high qualified inspector and he did very detailed job Wishes all best for him and his team
read more
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John Damian Pearson Avatar
John Damian Pearson
Our inspection with Inspect Canada was worth every penny. We just bought a new home and were not able to put a subject to inspection, so we still went ahead with getting one done the day of our move in. Mehran showed up first thing in the morning, on time, and methodically combed through the home. Afterwards, Mehran walked me through what he found and provided me with easy improvement suggestions. One week at our new home and I am checking items off the list and will live for years here with peace of mind. Thank you, Mehran and Inspect Canada.
read more
Maricar Manalo Avatar
Maricar Manalo
Mehran did very good job inspecting our first home in Langley, he was very thorough and very honest he was also a very client oriented guy. Thank you Mehran!
read more
Ryleigh Linck Avatar
Ryleigh Linck
Mehran did a wonderful job! He was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. He gave us a walkthrough to discuss all findings in person and emailed me a very detailed report before we had even left the property. Price was also very reasonable, would definitely recommend!
read more
madhu M Avatar
madhu M
I'm extremely particular about the type of features offered by any service that's assessing one of the most expensive purchases of my life, a home. Inspect Canada and David and his colleague did a phenomenal job in inspecting the potential vulnerabilities risks and things to watch out for in a home we were considering. Their pictures suggestions and post follow up recommendations were top notch. When I realized that there were certain parts of the home that were missing from the review I immediately notified David and he fixed it right away his prompt service and overall thoroughness was much appreciated. The inspection now gives us a good understanding of the state of the home and helps us take the right action in the short and long term.
read more
Kristina Skladowski Avatar
Kristina Skladowski
Always a great experience working with Inspect Canada. They really take pride in what they do. Would highly recommend
read more
Anne Dang Avatar
Anne Dang
Our inspector, Amanjor, was professional and knowledgeable. We’re very pleased with our service.
read more
Jeremy Langdon Avatar
Jeremy Langdon
We had a phenomenal experience with David & Sayeed from Inspect Canada. Their inspection of our potential home was incredibly thorough and then they spent the time to go through their findings with us to make sure we understood everything which we found very helpful. You will be in excellent hands with Inspect Canada. Thank you!
read more
Xenos Chan Avatar
Xenos Chan
Top quality service and knowledge. Highly recommended.
read more
Cathi Kramer Avatar
Cathi Kramer
Extremely knowledgeable polite professional and informative. Walked me through the whole place extensively making suggestions going forward as well as recommendations. Thank you for your help
read more
Meg Siegel Avatar
Meg Siegel
Super efficient and delivered the report very quickly. Would recommend!
read more
Mahsa Shoar Avatar
Mahsa Shoar
I recently had the pleasure of working with David for a home inspection, and I was thoroughly impressed. His attention to detail was remarkable, leaving no stone unturned. He demonstrated extensive knowledge in every aspect of the house, from the electrical systems to the plumbing, and provided valuable insights that were easy to understand. What stood out most was his careful approach, he took his time ensuring that every potential issue was meticulously examined and reported. His professionalism and expertise have given me great peace of mind in my home purchase. I wholeheartedly recommend David and InspectCanada to anyone in need of a top-notch home inspection. Truly a five-star experience!
read more
m Kh Avatar
m Kh
Mehran did an excellent job of inspecting our new home and providing insight to any extraordinary items versus what can be considered more aesthetic or preference. His insight is critical for new homeowners who are making an important decision with their money. I particularly appreciated the identification of critical items which will help us prioritize repairs. I would not hesitate to recommend Inspect Canada and Mehran to friends or family for home inspection needs.
read more
Sedat Yalçın Avatar
Sedat Yalçın
We had an inspection with Mehran for a condo, he was very professional, pays attention to details and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend Mehran without a doubt. Thank you for the excellent job, It was a great service!
read more
Hong Seongyun (Yuni H) Avatar
Hong Seongyun (Yuni H)
I had inspection with Mehran, and he was Amazing 🤩 very professional! I would highly recommend Mehran to my friends if they decide to buy a house or condo and need a home inspection!! Don’t hesitate to book inspection with him!!👍🏼 I will definitely be back to you when I need another inspection 🤩
read more
Mohamed Imam Avatar
Mohamed Imam
Great service extremely thorough would highly recommend David
read more
Myles Power Avatar
Myles Power
As a first-time homeowner, I recently had the pleasure of working with David from Inspect Canada for a home inspection. I was thoroughly impressed by the level of detail and professionalism displayed throughout the process. David's comprehensive review and insightful walk-through provided me with a clear understanding of the property's condition.

His expertise was evident in the way he methodically examined each aspect of the house, leaving no stone unturned. He was patient and informative, answering all my questions and providing valuable advice on maintenance and potential areas of concern. The detailed report I received was easy to understand and incredibly thorough.

Most importantly, David's inspection has given me the confidence to move forward, knowing the integrity of the property I am investing in. His service was invaluable, and I highly recommend Inspect Canada to anyone in need of a reliable and expert home inspection.
read more
Ian collett Avatar
Ian collett
The inspection on our prospective property was arranged really quickly. I met Mike there following his inspection and he was friendly and very informative on all aspects of the property taking time to explain. The inspection was obviously very detailed and Mike explained how he had tested and inspected and some suggestions for preventative measures in the future. The detailed report was received with a few hours same day and was well laid out and easy to follow. Thank you.
read more
Olga Ng Avatar
Olga Ng
Booking the inspection was so simple. During the inspection, David and team was very informative and thorough. He showed us everything and answered all our questions. We received the inspection report within half an hour to an hour after we walk through. Report covered everything that we went through during the walk through. Everything about working with inspect Canada made our purchasing experience very seamless.
read more
David inspection of the house was very detailed. His verbal reporting was well structured -providing his findings first, then possible reasons behind each observation and finally recommending a good range of solutions. He explains technical items in a simple and understandable way. We felt lucky to have David as our home inspector. Good value for money!
read more
Andrew T. Nash Avatar
Andrew T. Nash
Inspect Canada came recommended through our realtor, who has only had great experiences with them. Really easy to make an appointment. They kept us up to date through email and convenient web portal. Michael was very thorough, patiently walking us through the entire inspection and had the report ready within the hour after the inspection was done. I can see why there are so many other 5 star reviews.
read more
Sydney Graham Avatar
Sydney Graham
We had David do our inspection today and he was amazing! He was incredibly thorough and really took the time to explain everything about the house. He also provided us with an easy to read/understand inspection report complete with pictures and details of all findings. I would recommend Inspect Canada to anyone!
read more
Am McKinley Avatar
Am McKinley
David from Inspect Canada did an inspection for my buyers today and was excellent. He was professional, thorough, very helpful and knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all my clients questions and made sure they understood the information he provided. 5 star service! Thank you David!
read more
Britt Robinson Avatar
Britt Robinson
We had a wonderful experience with David. He was incredibly professional, through and very genuine and friendly. David clearly explained everything to us and at the end he told us to reach out to him at any time should we have questions or need recommendations for other professionals down the road in order to keep our home running as smoothly as possible. As first time home owners this was a very reassuring experience. We have confidence in our home moving forward after David's detailed inspection and report.
read more
Vince Yoon Avatar
Vince Yoon
David is a great and professional inspector. He inspected the new house I wanted to buy in detail and also he explained to us the big and small issues in each section. Thanks to his thorough inspection, we were able to identify major issues before purchasing the home. And the inspection report was really fast, and the content was detailed and easy to understand. Thank you David for a great inspection experience.
read more
pranshu mittal Avatar
pranshu mittal
David is an amazing inspector. He’s super knowledgeable and we are grateful to have known him to help our client make informed decisions on their potential purchases. He’s got a good background and is also a super easy going guy to chat with. Our team learns something from each home inspection we visit. Always a pleasure.
read more
hygeian Avatar
David is highly commendable! My husband and I were very impressed, first of all, of his friendly and most pleasant attitude as well as his professionalism in dealing with his clients. We were impressed at how he was so keen and meticulous in checking all corners of the place to make sure nothing is missed and everything is noted and addressed. He knows his craft well and always had a ready answer in our questions. He was very patient and takes the time to explain. Overall, we’re beyond satisfied of his extraordinary service! Thank you very much, David!👍👍👍
read more
Doug Low Avatar
Doug Low
Extremely thorough!! David was extremely professional, and very pleasant. David took the time to patiently explain everything and we never felt rushed. We have had mediocre experiences in the past with other home inspection companies, but this was a Fantastic experience. It is evident that David is passionate about his work and very detail oriented. Exactly what we wanted. Money well spent

Thank you
read more
Jayendran Jayaraman Avatar
Jayendran Jayaraman
David Asselin and his team did an exceptional work with our home inspection. The walk-through was quite helpful and gave us all the necessary guidance on the specifics that need to be fixed. Completely professional and would highly recommend.
read more
B Avatar
My inspector, Mehran, was very informative and thorough. This is my first condo and he offered suggestions and advice on how to handle certain scenarios should they arise in the future. My realtor was very impressed as well. I will absolutely recommend him to friends and family.
read more
Alice Wong Avatar
Alice Wong
I’ve used this company for numerous inspections over the years and they are always very thorough and knowledgeable. They take their time to go through each and every deficiency and to carefully explain and answer questions. Their inspection report is also very detailed with pictures and explanations. I’m always very pleased with their services!
read more
Joanna Wong Avatar
Joanna Wong
As first time home buyer, david really showed us what to look for when buying a place and we appreciate him taking his time and reassuring us that these are common issues with an older home. He was professional and answered all our questions during the walk through. Someone who you can really trust! Will definitely use him again in the future. Also the staff/secretary is great picking up and calls and relaying anything to David to make sure our concerns were looked after.
read more
Krystal L Avatar
Krystal L
Mike did our inspection and we were very happy with his service. He was friendly, positive, and provided a ton of helpful suggestions to keep our new home in good condition. Many thanks!
read more
Yuki Chin Avatar
Yuki Chin
Mr. Mike is my home inspector, and did a very details inspection on the property that I am going to buy. He gave me a full details of things that need to be repair, things that need to be monitor and also suggested solutions to the problems. I got the report from Mr Mike an hour after the inspection .

This is my first time using Inspect Canada due to good reviews on google, and I have to admit that they are really good on their job. I will certainly use their service again in future and I will highly recommend this company to everyone. Thanks Mike!
read more
Jayne L Avatar
Jayne L
We are so happy David did inspection for us, he is the best out of the best!! He is very thorough, patient, professional, clearly explain and answer all questions we have, he goes above and beyond...Five Star is not enough to describe his service to his clients. Way to Go David! Looking forward to the next one!!
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Justin Wong Avatar
Justin Wong
I usually don't write Google reviews, but I couldn't help but leave one for David. His work was truly impressive. David meticulously inspected every corner of the house to ensure that nothing was overlooked. During the walkthrough, he offered detailed explanations of the problems and provided recommendations on how to address or monitor them.

In summary, David's work was outstanding. He even managed to impress my 83-year-old Asian father, which is no easy feat. Heck, I've never managed to impress him before, so that says a lot!
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marc edgett Avatar
marc edgett
David was thorough and was great at communicating every issue big and small with our home inspection. He was able to outline potential solutions and give us some idea how big a fix we were in for. Extremely professional and efficient service.
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Tobi Dobranski Avatar
Tobi Dobranski
David recently completed a condo inspection for my buyer and to say my buyer was incredibly impressed is an understatement!! Super thorough , knowledgeable, professional and went well above and beyond! Completely exceeded our expectations!! Thank you David for an exceptional experience!
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Ioana David Avatar
Ioana David
All the other reviews really summarize what my partner and I feel - David is reliable, professional, thorough, and answered all the questions we had. We spent quite a decent time going over the property and really appreciated the attention to detail, as well as the report (with pictures and videos!) that made it clear to see what areas are potential problem areas in the future. 100% will be using them again and would easily spend the money - the peace of mind of planning for the future by knowing all the issues that could potentially arise in your future home is definitely worth it. Thanks again David and Inspect Canada!!
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Carle Aubert Avatar
Carle Aubert
We had our inspection with William Soldat as first-time buyers, and it couldn't have been clearer regarding the home details. He was amazing in providing all the information and important little details we needed to be aware of, along with recommended solutions. The knowledge he shared about everything was truly a guiding light, ensuring we were well-prepared and wouldn't be caught off guard by any unexpected surprises. Having an expert like him made the experience truly great.
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S K Avatar
They are extremely good! I’d give 7 stars if I could.

Used their services multiple times and had excellent experience. The most recent experience with David(Owner of Inspect Canada), I wasn’t charged as he checked the EMF levels first thing and since they were beyond the recommended limits and what we were comfortable with, He was kind enough to not charge us for his visit.

Will be using their services again.Totally recommended.
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Chiu Edwin Avatar
Chiu Edwin
We just did our first inspection of the townhouse done by Michael. He was incredible! Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and putting our minds at ease. We got many suggestions on how to maintain our new home, and had the detailed report quickly. Recommended to everyone who want to do their home inspection!!!
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Lisa Nguyen Avatar
Lisa Nguyen
Had my first inspection done for a home purchase done by Mehran and he was incredible! He was so patient and thorough with my Husband and myself! He gave tons of suggestions on how to keep our home in great condition. Thank you so much!
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Cristene Avatar
David is an outstanding inspector. He was so thorough with his inspection and his attention to detail really impressed us. He explained everything to us during the walk through and highlighted all the good, the moderate issues and any areas of concern. He factually explained why it was a concern and what the possible mitigation could be. He patiently answered all questions and did not rush us. After the inspection, within a few minutes the online and full report was sent to us. The report included all notes and pictures and was very easy to follow. Thank you David for a fantastic inspection experience!
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Munira F Kesani Avatar
Munira F Kesani
Thank you David for the property inspection. You took the lead and explained the process to us. And. You went through all the findings in a very methodical manner and easy to understand. The report was comprehensive and very useful. Appreciate your knowledge and experience and your friendly and professional manner. Thank you for the positive experience.
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Linh Tran Avatar
Linh Tran
William was very informative and professional. He walked us thru the property and gave detailed information on the issues and how could it be fixed. It was a very short notice (less than 24hrs) but he showed up and did the job.
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Wheels Avatar
From the start to finish this company was fantastic! We needed an inspection done on short notice (3 days), and they pulled through. My realtor recommended using this company and inspector David. David was great and very thorough on his inspections. He did find a few things of concern, provided us information on how to fix the issues, and also provided us with contact information for services to fix the issues. David was very straightforward and honest when he did find something wrong and also when he found things to be really good. We also really like the report you get after, with pictures and comments. The thing I really, really liked was the fact David said, even though the inspection is done if you have any questions or need help finding someone to fix something to contact them, and they will help us. It is really reassuring knowing that we are not left in the dust after the inspection. Highly, highly recommend using this company for your inspection! Top notch service! Thank you all for your great service!
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Sandy Leung Avatar
Sandy Leung
From the beginning, Crystal, from admin was super helpful and accommodating. She was very quick in arranging appointments and rescheduling. My inspector, Will, was extremely knowledgeable, professional and detail oriented. He was able to point out all the little details that I would never think to look. His knowledge and experience made my walk thru experience very smooth. I highly highly recommend this company for home inspection. Everyone is professional. The best ever!
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ameer kassam Avatar
ameer kassam
David was very professional both in conducting himself as a professional expert at the same time he was very gentle with his clients. He never got loud nor too soft in his answers. He was dealing with every problem in a positive manner by identifying the problem and instantaneously suggesting a practical easy and reasonably cheap solution to the satisfaction of his audience, kind of.
I would most certainly recommend him to all my clients and all my fellow Realtors. They will all be very happy with him for sure.
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Andrea Inglis Avatar
Andrea Inglis
Inspect Canada is my go to for clients. And today I used them for my own purchase. Couldn't have asked for anyone better. Love the professionalism, expertise and detail focused assessment and analysis of the home. Mehran is amazing.
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Katie Sanford Avatar
Katie Sanford
David Asselin from Inspect Canada, along with one of his coworkers did a property inspection for me a few weeks ago on a potential home purchase. The overall experience was wonderful. I think it helped that the home was in quite good condition, so there wasn’t much negative to say, however I felt that they were both very thorough in their inspection and in their explanation. I really appreciated the time they took to walk me around every single item of relevance at the property. They were also honest about their own limitations with the inspection (ex. couldn’t say much about structural damage, and that if I wanted to investigate I would need a structural engineer… etc). They also offered to provide information for professionals they would recommend for repairs (plumbers, contractors, etc.).

I think the best part of the experience, besides what I’ve already listed, was that they had a very positive and friendly attitude. They felt very approachable and easy to ask questions, which is so helpful when there’s a lot of pressure to make a wise and informed decision about a house purchase.

Would use them again!
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Nezhat P Avatar
Nezhat P
Working with Inspect Canada was a great experience. Mike was absolutely brilliant!! As first time home owners we had plenty of questions and he patiently answered them and gave a few hacks to help us around the house. Also very prompt in giving us the inspection report. Great team and overall fantastic experience.
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Farzana Ali Avatar
Farzana Ali
As first time home buyers we had a GREAT first home inspection experience, with Mike as our inspector. Mike completed a detailed inspection of our soon-to-be condo before we showed up. When we arrived Mike was very professional and walked us through all his findings with detailed explanations. In addition to pointing out aspects of the unit that might need some work, Mike also pointed out some of the awesome features of the unit and how to properly use them, which we really appreciate! Getting such an in-depth inspection done definitely gives us a piece of mind before moving into a new place. If you’re on the fence about which inspection company to use I’d put Inspect Canadian as number 1 on your list.
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Livia Daniel Avatar
Livia Daniel
Mike did an extremely thorough and professional job, resulting in his final report serving as a detailed guide on the ins and outs of our new home.

During the inspection walk through Mike did a great job in explaining each step he took and answered all of our additional questions.

We would not hesitate to use Mike if we require another home inspection. It was such a positive and thorough experience, we may even spring for another one in 10 years time as a check-up on our home. Strongly recommend!
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Cruz Fajardo Avatar
Cruz Fajardo
Will was great. He did a walk through with us after his inspection and give us some suggestions for easy DIY's. He pointed out the issues that needed Professional fixing and which ones we can do ourselves. Inspection report was done really quickly and Everything else went smoothly. Inspect Canada is really easy to work with and really easy to book.
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Elsie L Avatar
Elsie L
We had a house inspection by Michael Juri (Mike) tonight and his service was absolutely top-notch!! He took the time to explain everything very thoroughly, clearly and patiently so that even my 11 year old son understands what's happening!! Moreover, the report he sent us was super detailed full of recommendations on what needs immediate care and what we should keep on monitoring in the future. He also offered us to call him anytime if we have any other questions we don't understand. Mike is so friendly, courteous, detail-oriented and efficient that it's hard not to give him a five-star review on what he does for us!!

Inspect Canada was also super prompt and efficient in answering calls and helping us book for an appointment. We felt so grateful to have found such a wonderful house inspection company! Thank you Mike and Inspect Canada for your awesome service!! Would definitely recommend all my friends to use your service!! 🙂

Thank you again!!
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Philip Wong Avatar
Philip Wong
The speed and service level that you need for inspection in 2022. From appointment, payment and reporting is all thought their online system, no more wasting time waiting, emailing or calling back on forth. Thanks Mike for inspecting my new purchase, he shows up one-time and start on the inspection. We show up 3 hours later, he spent an hour walked us through all the finding and explain to us in detail. He is very friendly and answer all our concern and questions. He is able to send us the full inspection report before I even reached back my home!! The report is very details, it shows the finding in high, medium, low, which one you should address first and after. We can make a sound decision on planning what need to be fixed and how much it will costs. This is the company that you can trust on when you need to make a big decision on a life time purchase. They also have a buy back guarantee if they missed anything to give you a peace of mind.
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Vaibhav Madkan Avatar
Vaibhav Madkan
Mike did our inspection and he was absolutely amazing! He was very informative and gave me a thorough walkout after doing the inspection.

He gave me all the necessary information on how to get things fixed even if they were not related to the inspection. He didn’t rush during the whole process at any point of time.

He reached the house 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time which shows his dedication.

As for the company, they are super quick in responding and getting your inspection scheduled right away! I called them up on Friday and they gave me a slot for the very next day.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience working with Inspect Canada and I’m glad to have had Mike as our inspector.
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Lynn Mongeon Avatar
Lynn Mongeon
Superb courteous and thorough step by step home inspection has been amazing experience! Mike provided step by step inspection and made great suggestions! No details were left out! Report was precise and easy to peruse and understand! Thank you for your kindness and taking the time to explains things and address all questions in professional matter! Can’t wait to move to my new forever home!
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Kimberly Leonard Avatar
Kimberly Leonard
David was absolutely fantastic. He was thorough, easy to understand, and not to mention hilarious. As two first-time homebuyers, my partner and I didn’t know what to expect with the inspection, but he ensured we understood everything and were comfortable with what he told us. The price for an inspection was very reasonable and we were able to book on short notice.

Inspect Canada has made a customer for life from us and we’ll definitely be booking with David again in the future.
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Carmen and Derek Charles Avatar
Carmen and Derek Charles
Merhan from Inspect Canada was fantastic. He explained everything very professionally and in a manner I could understand. He was so efficient. Our report was ready before I even got home. Inspect Canada made everything very easy for us. Krystal was able to book us in quickly and found a time that worked around our schedule. All subjects were removed from our home on time and the process was seamless thanks to the professional and prompt service we received from this company.
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Hyun Jae Kim Avatar
Hyun Jae Kim
David was our inspector and I must say what a thorough and professional job! I initially debated whether price of inspection was worth it, but I definitely think it was well worth the money. Not only did David note couple minor defects/issues on our townhouse, he really took his time to provide information on technical/structural aspects of the house that were important for future house maintenance. He really took his time to explain everything even if they were all working fine/normal which helped re-assure me. I would highly recommend David and Inspect Canada if you are looking for an inspector.
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J Nathan Avatar
J Nathan
Inspect Canada did a wonderful job inspecting my first home purchase. Setting up a time and date was easy and painless. Prices on their website were transparent and reasonable. (Love it when the cost of something is laid out on a business' website.)

William showed up on time and did a careful, thorough inspection of the property. Then we did a full walkthrough, where we were able to discuss what was wrong/needed fixing. Couldn't be happier with my experience with Inspect Canada. Highly recommended.
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Ben Kay Klempner Avatar
Ben Kay Klempner
David and his team were a delight to work with. I have worked with many, many inspectors as a busy Vancouver realtor for over 10 years - and I was so impressed with Inspect Canada. Responsive, adaptive and professional - I hired David to inspect a small strata complex for capital planning. This is not a typical request, but David was flexible in offering his help and him and his team did a wonderful job onsite. They were patient while I coordinated with multiple owners, competitive in their pricing and thorough. David explained everything really well - and I even received detailed recorded videos of all the drain and sanitary line inspections. It was really beneficial being able to work with Inspect Canada as they were able to offer this latter service along with the inspection which many other providers cannot.
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Robert Muhumuza Avatar
Robert Muhumuza
David is the very definition of a professional. He arrived on time and was very friendly and prepared us for what to expect from the inspection.
Once he completed the inspection, which was very thorough, he explained his findings with corresponding advice.
He explained patiently and with context for the things that were new to us while giving us a good sense of risk, likelihood of issues and scale of impact. We feel more confident in our purchase decision and already have an action plan to resolve the deficiencies David identified. Thank you so much once again David.
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Maggie Lee Avatar
Maggie Lee
Mike from Inspect Canada was very detailed and knowledgeable. During our walk through, he summarized all the things to take note of, and even categorized them by safety/urgency. He also took the time to ask if I needed any breaks (I'm 9 months pregnant) which I thought was super thoughtful and provided water for everyone. Once the walk through was complete, we received our report within 10 minutes and he had detailed notes and photos for everything. I highly recommend Inspect Canada for any home inspections and thank you to Mike who made our experience so easy!
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Unknown Avatar
So this is my second time I have used this company for an inspection prior to purchasing a place. I met Dave early 2021 and recently met Mike. They are so thorough. I appreciated everything they pointed out that the eye would miss and some things you just wouldn’t think to check. Their professionalism is top notch and they make you feel comfortable to ask questions and better understand their findings. Thank so much for making it so much easier to purchase a place.
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Tony Seddon Avatar
Tony Seddon
David at Inspect Canada was so great to deal with. He walked us through his findings and provided some great information to us in a way that was easy to understand. He obviously cares a lot about his quality of work and seems to really enjoy it. We left the inspection feeling very confident in the report and that everything was thoroughly checked. Dealing with Inspect Canada was very easy from scheduling to arranging payment and receiving the digital report the same day. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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Payam Akbari Avatar
Payam Akbari
My inspection was today May 15 ,2022 with David from Inspect Canada.
He is really good and professional and after he did his job he gave a very good presentation about what he did and how was the situation in the unit and also the whole building. He explained me everything with all the details and how to fix some minor problems.They also emailed me a very nice and accurate report with lots of pictures and details.I highly recommend these guys.
Thanks David and I really appreciate your time and help and thank you so much Inspect Canada.
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Hel L Avatar
Hel L
We have had our far share of inspectors for several different properties but what we experienced with David for this inspection was by far above others. His professionalism and detailed explanations as well as after-sales services are what place him as first place for us. Highly recommend David haven’t seen the work of his other employees but David definitely knows his stuff and is helpful.
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Brian Lin Avatar
Brian Lin
I relied on google review and found Inspection Canada. I was initially quite skeptical about google review as I know some business buy people to do fake review.
After we finished our house inspection, I can truely say that Inspection Canada's service is LEGIT

William's attention to detail was off the chart. Someone like us who are very attention to detail ask a lot of questions. Will was able to tackle each questions and then he went extra miles explaining the report. Luckily we didn't have major problems but some minor things to watch out for. To me it's the minor things that are harder to catch.

Their price is very reasonable too. I compared it with other companies and they are definitely worth every $.

Use them for your homes and you won't regret!
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Manish Gehlot Avatar
Manish Gehlot
We used Inspect Canada services to inspect our new house. I found Michael as very knowledgeable and effective inspector. He did thorough inspection of the house and provided us with a very detailed report at the end. He even did a very nice walkthrough of everything to know in the house and helped resolve our queries. We are extremely satisfied with Michael's work and Inspect Canada's services. Highly recommended!!
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Richard Sherwood Avatar
Richard Sherwood
Our experience with Inspect Canada was very impressive. David made himself available as soon as he could so as to provide us with an inspection of a condo unit even before we had to put an offer on the table. We are grateful that this was possible.
We went through the inspection with him and felt very informed. Extremely professional,thorough and engaging.
His manner is so friendly and calming.
Our concerns were alleviated and we were able to make an informed decision.
Thank you Inspect Canada
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Ysabel Avatar
I was referred to them by my realtor and they are true professionals. My inspector, Mike, took the time to explain every step of the inspection and sent the report very promptly! As a first-time buyer, his expertise made my experience so easy and straightforward! I would definitely recommend their services and would be happy to hire Mike again!
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Steven Byrne Avatar
Steven Byrne
Mike did a fantastic job on an older detached house. As someone who works in building envelope construction I was impressed by his knowledge and attention to detail. The report is professional, well laid out and informative. I would recommend them again without hesitation.
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Linda Leonardo Avatar
Linda Leonardo
We just had an inspection done with Inspect Canada, and we’re very impressed with their services. Mike Juri was very professional, friendly and thorough and gave us so many tips on our new home purchase. We feel confident walking into our new home knowing what needs repair immediately and what we may be coming up against in the future. We received our inspection report within 30 minutes of our walk through, which was a bonus since we need our insurer to take a look asap. Thanks to Mike and team for making this a smooth process!!
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Melanie Roskell Avatar
Melanie Roskell
Will has been fantastic - he's thorough, kind, very responsive, and speaks professionally in ways that we easily understood. The reports are very clear, organized, backed up with pictures and well explained.
I have full trust in his assessments, and would 110% recommend him to anyone else.
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Leonard W. Avatar
Leonard W.
Tremendously professional and thorough. Really walked us through everything with such professionalism, and he communicated on a level we always can understand and follow along. Also came literally in the last hour and we ended up making an offer 30 minutes after the debrief. Definitely will be coming back for future inspection and handyman needs.
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Leona Humphrey Avatar
Leona Humphrey
A gentleman by the name of Dave inspected a home I wanted to put an offer on. He was able to come on short notice, was thorough and efficient and clearly very experienced. Dave knew what to look for, things I wouldn't have even thought of!

I was pleasantly surprised at the detail to which he put into the inspection and the time he took to carefully and clearly explain his findings. His knowledge of the field was evident and I am very thankful for his suggestions, and most of all his honesty and integrity.

My first investment to my new home was an inspection. So thankful for Inspect Canada and Dave! A++ all the way! I am happy to say I made an offer that was fair to myself and the seller and so I will soon be moving into my new home! Thank you Dave! Peace of mind is priceless!
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Seung L. Avatar
Seung L.
Inspect Canada was recommended by a few friends of mine.
The booking and payment process were easy.

My inspector Charlie went through all details in the unit and answered all questions I had. Shortly after the inspection, I received the report which was easy to read and understand. I reached out to Charlie to ask a couple of questions and he responded quickly with all details. Also, he mentioned I can reach him out if I have any questions after moving in.

I highly recommend Charlie and Inspect Canada to anyone who is looking for a home inspection service.
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Kenny Dang (Kenny Danglesss) Avatar
Kenny Dang (Kenny Danglesss)
David did our inspection. He was on time, friendly, professional, thorough, and took his time to explain everything to me. This was super helpful as this was my first time buying a house. At no point did I feel David was rushing, which was also super nice.

Inspect Canada was very quick to set up the inspection, and even answered my questions via text message extremely promptly. I'm talking minutes, NOT HOURS/DAYS.

If anyone asks me about a home inspector, I would definitely recommend Inspect Canada and David to them!
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Matt Leslie Avatar
Matt Leslie
Charlie was INCREDIBLY thorough and thoughtful throughout the entire process. He was incredibly engaged in ensuring that we understand fully everything that he was seeing/needed attention.

100% recommend
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Khaled Avatar
Awesome experience overall. David is very knowledgeable. Not only was he thorough and went into the Crawlspace and attic but also was generous with tips and advices. Def highly recommended
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Jamie Novicio Avatar
Jamie Novicio
Absolutely thrilled by the inspection, so much information including instructions for what we should do next (who to call or specifically what to do). Would definitely go back and refer to all my friends! They were so friendly (both inspectors and admin team)!
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Rosenth Raja Avatar
Rosenth Raja
Mike and Mehran came to our home and did the inspection. They were very thorough and incredibly friendly. They walked us through how they did the tests and all the deficiencies and made recommendations where we can fix it ourselves to save money or where we should hire someone (electrical). The report is great because it has photos and arrows pointing to the specific problems so it's really easy to follow and figure out the problem (especially as first time home buyers). Krystal who managed our booking was prompt at responding. Overall very happy with the service they provided and protecting our home long term
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Derek Bentley Avatar
Derek Bentley
Scheduled a pretty last minute inspection with Mike, Charlie and crew - to say the least, Inspect Canada absolutely delivered. All the information was presented to my wife and I clearly, with possible avenues for solutions as well as their general thoughts. We were taken on a comprehensive tour of the building as well following, getting some great details about other facilities in our new apartment building.

The full, comprehensive report was emailed about 15 minutes later, with everything laid out as clear as it can get.

I can’t recommend Mike and his crew at Inspect Canada enough!
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Haejung Kim Avatar
Haejung Kim
Their services are very reliable and informative. We joined the entire inspection process and very much enjoyed. Thank you for bringing your expertise and professional skills to complete the inspection for us!
We will definitely return for your service in the near future!
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Brandon N Avatar
Brandon N
David and Mohsen were amazing with their inspection and presentation. The report was also very handy and easy to read. It was pretty easy to navigate through the contents of the report with subjects being colour coded between minor, moderate and major risks. Super easy to talk to both as well.
read more
John Stewart Avatar
John Stewart
Mohsen was great! Very friendly and gave us a very thorough review of the house.

He explained what he found in very good detail while making it all easy to understand. We appreciated him demonstrating some of the building as well as safety issues he found.

The report was also very nicely formatted.
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Max Avatar
William and Charlie were great! They were very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time walking us through the property and all their findings. We know who we will call for our next inspection.
read more
Richa Khanna Avatar
Richa Khanna
Working with Will was a great experience. He was very thorough in his work, and explained his processes to us very clearly. He also guided us on the things that require urgent fixes. He gave all the info we needed, so that we can make an informed decision easily. The report was concise, clear and delivered quickly. I would recommend them totally!
read more
David Mao Avatar
David Mao
Very surprised at how detailed these guys are. The house that I visited looked like it was in great condition but these guys revealed moisture in the walls after inspection and caught a lot of stuff I would have otherwise missed without a home inspection. If your planning on buying a home definitely use these guys to inspect it first.
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Mia Menjivar Avatar
Mia Menjivar
We were very satisfied with the inspection for the place we were interested in buying. Mike was very professional and did a very thorough walk through with us. The report was very detailed and clear. We felt very good with the decision we made after having the inspection done. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get a home inspection done.
read more
Reg Mirzai Avatar
Reg Mirzai
There is no comparison for the level of service you received from this company. During inspection, David check everything even though the house was fairly new. I was amazed with the level of information and detail he provided once he completed his inspection. By the end of inspection, they provide you with a detailed report and list of suppliers if you are interested to fix any deficiencies. Overall, one of the best inspection companies I dealt with and I will continue to use their services in future.
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Albert Van Santvoort Avatar
Albert Van Santvoort
Great, quick professional service. Saw a condo at 615 on Wednesday they were able to inspect it by 9:00 am on Thursday. Mike the inspector was great. He was both professional and friendly and went through every nook and cranny with my to show me what was in good condition and what was not, even things I didn't think home inspectors looked at like the quality of the grout and tiles.

Excellent all around, would definitely use again.
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Jeanie Kahng Avatar
Jeanie Kahng
William was very punctual and professional. Great attention to detail yet able to pin point out things we really need to fix vs. wait. He was very thorough and good at explaining so you can understand why and which part of the problem is important to monitor. As they have a team, I was able to book at last minute on Saturday. Report was given to me in 30 min. Thank you!
read more
Laurent Poirier Avatar
Laurent Poirier
Will was great! He did our inspection in a timely manner. The report was precise, professionnal and very quickly delivered. They identified all the issues and were hands on to explain how yo solve them. Price was very good, I did not expect that level of professionalism and I was very impressed. I will use them again!
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Ariel Giovannetti Avatar
Ariel Giovannetti
Mike was awesome, very professional. You can tell he really cares about helping you know everything that you need to know about your new home. The inspection was very thorough, as was the final report. He took the time to make sure we understood about his process and his tools, and explained the possible cause of the problems that he found, along with a list of probable solutions based on both his professional and personal experience. It's actually the second time we've met Mike (as tenants first and as owners now, as it happens), and both times he was just great.
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Tony Gabriele Avatar
Tony Gabriele
Mike from Inspect Canada was extremely thorough in doing a home inspection for us. He took the time to explain every little detail, good or bad…luckily, not really any bad, but nonetheless still went over everything with us. He then sent us a report of what we discussed so we have a copy of it. The inspection he did was most definitely top notch and he really put our mind at ease!! I will definitely use Inspect Canada again and of course i will ask for Mike!!!
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Kelsa Lefebvre Avatar
Kelsa Lefebvre
David was amazing to say the least. We felt confident going into our home inspection because he came highly recommended, and he still impressed us. David was knowledgable and explained everything in detail in a way we could easily follow & understand. His friendly and professional demeanor made us feel comfortable - we were able to communicate and ask him questions with zero hesitation. We will be using David when the time comes again, and will continue to recommend him to friends and family. Thank you, David, for making our first home-buying experience incredibly easier. Until next time!
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Aya Klippenstein Avatar
Aya Klippenstein
We had David inspect a house we are purchasing today, and he was AMAZING! He did a walk through with us after his inspection, and he provided all the details information that we needed from his thorough inspection. We are both so amazed how he did all this detailed inspection in 2 - 3 hours, and dumb it down for us to understand. 🙂 Without any hesitation, we'd recommend David's service. He is truly amazing. Very professional. Thank you, David!!
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C Tsang Avatar
C Tsang
As a realtor, I have recommended Inspect Canada to clients many times. I’ve had the pleasure of working with David, Mike and Mohsen. All three of them are top-notch professionals who are punctual, pleasant and thorough. They take their time to explain their findings, produce a very detailed report, and most importantly, they are always willing to answer follow up questions. One thing I appreciate a lot is that they always send the report on the same day; the quick turnaround allows clients to dive into the information right away. In a fast-paced market, the efficiency is definitely a big bonus. Krystal, their coordinator / manager, is very friendly and efficient. We’ve had to cancel / reschedule inspections a few times and every time Krystal was helpful and understanding.

Today I had Mike inspect a home I am personally interested in, and he was thorough, pleasant and extremely patient. I am really glad I got to try their inspection services as a client because I am even more confident in recommending them to my clients going forward.
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Priscilla Correa-Ryan Avatar
Priscilla Correa-Ryan
Our whole experience with Inspect Canada was perfect! From the easy online payment system to the extremely thorough report, they made whole inspection process was so easy. David (our inspector) was fantastic. He was friendly, informative and extremely knowledge. He didn't leave any stone unturned and we felt so much more confident purchasing our home after he walked us through it. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an inspection!
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Naveen R Avatar
Naveen R
Amazing inspection Service! Very Professional and friendly, on time, value for money. Very happy that I got my service on the same day. Williams was outstanding, and he observes minute details that some of them might miss. His walk through was amazing with useful tips. Definitely would rate them 5 stars for overall quality, and pricing. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for hassle free, and great technicians with reasonable pricing.
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Sangyeong Jeong Avatar
Sangyeong Jeong
Mike is a great inspector. He inspected the property for us prior to purchase. He checked the property carefully and presented us through everything in small detail and provided us advice for maintenance. His report is also very detailed. Our family is fully satisfied with his inspection and report and so confident to recommend him to other people for inspection. Actually we already recommended him to our friend.
Thanks Mike for your kind and professional inspection!
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Fiza Sandhu Avatar
Fiza Sandhu
I had David inspect my condo and he was awesome! Super professional, timely, and thorough. He also was able to explain complex issues to me in a very easy way and took the time to go above and beyond and do some extra measurements for me. The final report was sent over not too long after the inspection and was very well put together. Highly recommend him to any home buyer, especially if it's your first time!
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Daryl Albania Avatar
Daryl Albania
David was highly recommended by our realtor. We used his services to do an inspection on a condo we’re planning on purchasing for our first home. Very welcoming and professional. David was very thorough with his inspection and easy to talk to. He explains everything you need to know to make sure the property you want to purchase is in good condition and safe. He also provided a very detailed report on the same day as soon as your walkthrough and presentation is complete! I highly recommend his services!

Thank you for making our first home inspection a great experience!! We’ll definitely reach out in the future!
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Natalia Bar Avatar
Natalia Bar
Excellent condo inspection! Professional, on time, quick and good value for money. Krystal managed to book us on a very short notice. Our inspector Will was great, left us useful tips on the report. Long story short: I definitely recommend.
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Valerie Baker Avatar
Valerie Baker
We used this service for a home inspection before buying a house. Mike was wonderful! He did an outstanding job and was very detailed in his review. He walked us through everything and took the time to answer all of our questions. We are very satisfied with this inspection and would use Inspect Canada again. Thank you Mike and Inspect Canada!
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Wendy Chen Avatar
Wendy Chen
William from Inspect Canada did inspection for my newly bought condo. He was very friendly and very professional. He checked every possible area in detail. He was very honest and very thorough. Walked me through every points of inspection and explained everything in detail. Shared his honest opinion with me and told me things that I should do as a new home owner. Thank you Will and thank you Inspect Canada for the wonderful experience. It was stress free and worry free.
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James Lucero Avatar
James Lucero
Purchased our very first condo together with my girlfriend and needed a home inspection. Booking was easy and priced extremely well. David was incredibly detailed and thorough with our inspection. He took the time to walk through the entire unit and explain all the points he had inspected and everything he wanted to address. He also had a detailed report with photos and recommendations sent to my email within minutes of the inspection being completed. I would definitely recommend David and his team to anyone who is looking for a home inspection. Thanks again!
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Akanksha Sharma Avatar
Akanksha Sharma
Mike did an outstanding job with the inspection of condo house. He was pretty detailed in his review and honest about each and every maintenance aspect. When we arrived he had already begun his work. He spent a good hour to inspect everything and then explained in detail to us at the end. We are very satisfied with this inspection for our new home and it made it so much easier for us to proceed with the move. Thank you Mike and Inspect Canada for a great experience.
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Tim Kim Avatar
Tim Kim
David was very good inspector for home. He went thorough very detail with the pre-inspection and took the time to provide valuable insights and general knowledge of the building during the walk-through. David was very patient and explained in detail if we have any question regards to certain components maintenance costs. I highly recommend David for your house inspection, his professional work and knowledge will get the job done. Well done! Thank you.
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Sepperman Avatar
My parents had a recently accepted offer on a condo, Mike came on high recommendation from a close family friend and it was easy to see why. His professionalism was reflected by how thorough he was in both the inspection and in explaining each facet of his findings. We were very pleased with the experience and will definitely seek out his services for future inspections.

Thanks again Mike
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Gangha Dharan Avatar
Gangha Dharan
The website is easy to use. I was able to schedule an appointment easily. David is very professional. He was very thorough in his inspection and the report was great. I was nervous about buying my home. David's inspection was helpful in getting things fixed and I was able to confidently proceed with my purchase. Would definitely recommend.
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J Zhou Avatar
J Zhou
Mike from Inspect Canada did an outstanding job inspecting our new home. I thought the inspection would be done in 2 hours, but he took 4+ hours inspecting every nook and cranny of our house. He walked us through and explained all the points of interests he found during the inspection and followed up with a super detailed yet easy to read report immediately. Having worked with a few inspectors in the past, this is the most thorough and comprehensive inspection by far. He went above and beyond our expectations, and found problems that we never even considered to check. Mike is also very considerate, taking off his shoes and jackets whenever entering our home and offering us water. I would definitely go back to him for our follow up inspection and refer him to our friends and family. Thanks again Mike!
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Qais Habibi Avatar
Qais Habibi
David inspected our first townhouse and did an amazing job. I could not be there at the time of inspection, but I didn’t have to. David along with my realtor video chatted the entire process and answered all my questions. I would certainly recommend David and his team for anyone out there looking for reliable inspectors. They genuinely care which you can’t say this for a lot of businesses.
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Yonggang Ding Avatar
Yonggang Ding
Will did a fantastic job in doing our inspection. He was thorough in going through the unit, ensuring that all areas are covered properly. The report that was given was well documented and easy to read, along with highlighting any “pain points” in the unit. He was very friendly and accommodating with any questions I had. Very well done and highly recommended for any inspection duties.
- Fiona
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Emma V Avatar
Emma V
Mike and Tanner came to do our new house inspection, and they did a phenomenal job! They both made sure to go through all of the details, both big and small, of the house, and took pictures everywhere they went. At the end, they sent a very comprehensive report with plentiful information and pictures for us to reflect on. I highly recommend Inspect Canada for any of your home inspection needs!
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Annie P Avatar
Annie P
I used Inspect.ca for my condo inspection prior to removing subjects. William was great and walked my partner and I along with our Realtor through the condo unit. He was thorough and answered all of our questions, providing suggestions and rough pricing for improvements. He was very honest and gave us a very objective summary and inspection report - including everything from little things to bigger items. Overall, we had a great experience with William and Inspect.ca - I would definitely recommend them and will be using them in the future!
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Shelley Harris Avatar
Shelley Harris
Purchase Property Inspection

I'm pleased to write a review for Inspect Canada and particularly Mike J who conducted our pre-purchase home inspection. Mike was thorough, and took the time without rushing to explain all the details. It was a pleasure to feel confident that everything was well reviewed for such a major purchase as a family home. We further appreciated the detailed report with photos to act as a checklist. We are very confident with the work that Mike did on our behalf. We do not hesitate in recommending their services as they were professional thoughtful and timely.
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Gina Bourne Avatar
Gina Bourne
I can't speak highly enough of the team at Inspect Canada! I have had the pleasure of working with Will multiple times and my clients have always been extremely happy with his work! He's very informative, communicative, friendly and professional. He knows his stuff!! My clients feel confident in his findings and his advice/opinions. This team is on top of it all! I never have any issues booking inspections and their customer service is top notch. I highly recommend using Inspect Canada for your home inspections!
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Liza Poblete Avatar
Liza Poblete
William happened to arrive at the house before us so he opened the door when we arrived and right there and then, his friendliness was welcoming and his positive vibe remained throughout. He patiently waited for all parties to arrive before delivering his findings. We discussed each room in great detail and he was very thorough with his analysis and recommendations. He was clear and made sure to cover every part of the house and was able to answer all of our questions confidently. Leaving us confident in our purchase as well! Thanks again William. Great service
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Ian Wan Avatar
Ian Wan
William helped us inspect a new home that we’re buying. Him and his partner did a very thorough job to uncover the smallest details that were worth our attention and gave plenty of suggestions on how to address them. These guys clearly know the trade inside out. We also enjoyed his professionalism and friendly personality. The home walkthrough was a lot of fun and 50 minutes felt more like 15. They are the best ones we’ve had by far and would strongly recommend to anyone.
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Cannot speak highly enough of my experience with David Asselin. He is very professional . David was incredibly diligent in his inspection of the property .He was on time and spend time with us walking through the property to highlight the most pertinent points and was more than happy to answer all our questions. The report was turned around incredibly quickly and was really comprehensive. I would highly refer David to any of my family, friends and clients ! Ursula Morel RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate
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Anett Paulik Avatar
Anett Paulik
Inspect Canada did a great job for my client. They were professional and very informative. My client is a firm time home buyer so you did a great job explaining to him about the inspection process and quickly emailed him the inspection report.
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Josephine Choi Avatar
Josephine Choi
Inspect Canada did an excellent job inspecting for my client's purchase. From start to finish, they were prompt, professional, and friendly. There was an issue with the seller, and without even asking Inspect Canada to rectify the situation, they went ABOVE & BEYOND to do so. I'm genuinely impressed by their professionalism and work ethic. Don't think twice, hire these guys!
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Artur Reznikov Avatar
Artur Reznikov
We had a very pleasant experience with Inspect Canada and inspector Mike. He was very thorough and very helpful. Our furnace was not working so Mike suggested to come another time to make sure that radiant heating was working. Actually, he was on site 3 times as second time owner still didn't fix it properly. Report was great and full of useful information. Big thanks to Mike for making sure everything was in order for us to move forward with purchase. All our questions and concerns were addressed and I will definitely go with him for the next home inspection. Highly recommended!
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Siyuan Yin Avatar
Siyuan Yin
Will and his coworker are very responsible, friendly and professional! Their inspection for my new purchase of townhouse was thorough and meticulous. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone in need!
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Johnny Ji Avatar
Johnny Ji
David was the most incredible person I could have imagined for the job. He inspected every inch of a condo I was purchasing from top to bottom and gave me the most granular breakdown I could have asked. Nothing could hide from him. I would never even dream of going to someone else other than Inspect Canada.

Thanks again David!
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Michael Harvey Avatar
Michael Harvey
William did a great job, and my clients were very happy with him, and the service he provided. Professional and very informative with a great attitude!
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Yulia Terekh Avatar
Yulia Terekh
Thank you Mike for your thorough inspection and review, for such a comprehensive report with all the details and information that I would never find out on my own. Very helpful and very welcoming. Trustworthy and easy to understand. Thank you
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Heidi Nano Avatar
Heidi Nano
Mike Juri inspected our future house and we are very thankful for his service! He is very informative, detailed and very professional. He was also accommodating and really took the time to answer our questions about the house, which made us more at ease being first-time home buyers. I would highly recommend Inspect Canada and will ask for their service again in the future!
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Thomas Ungerer Avatar
Thomas Ungerer
The best home inspectors in the world. Is there anything else that needs to be said? Good honest people doing great work.
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Albert Joseph Badiong Avatar
Albert Joseph Badiong
David's inspection work was very impressive! He was very thorough in showing us around the house, and demonstrating what worked well, and what needed improvement. He was honest in his report and even gave recommendations on how to improve the house. I would definitely recommend David for any home inspection.
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Jeannett Tweedie Avatar
Jeannett Tweedie
Awesome service! As we were not able to be there in person for the home inspection, our real estate agent met Mike at the townhouse. Mike was there on time, did the inspection and provided the report the same day, but before he presented the written report Mike gave a verbal report highlighting areas that we might want to address. Thank you Mike!
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Tom Pinchin Avatar
Tom Pinchin
Very happy with our decision to have William come and do an inspection on our new townhouse! The report was very detailed and easy to read. It really does pay to have a qualified pair of eyes look over the property, especially when making such a big purchase. Thank you! We feel more confident moving into our new home.
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Philip le Avatar
Philip le
David was an awesome inspector! He was professional and very detailed on the inspection he did for a new home for us. We can’t say enough good about the experience and the full detailed report that is so helpful. We will use David in the future and we highly recommend him to our family friends.
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Lilian So Avatar
Lilian So
Thorough and detailed inspection. David was very professional and took the time to explain everything to us. We would highly recommend this company.
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bunny ribbon Avatar
bunny ribbon
Thanks David who did the detail inspection to my newly condo and explain to me clearly.
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Fiona Zhou Avatar
Fiona Zhou
David (inspector) was really good at inspecting our unit. He was very thorough in explaining the parts where the unit has issues and was professional when we had questions. The report provided was concise and he gave us tips on how to handle some of the issues and guided us with his expertise. Very easy to talk to and would highly recommend Inspect Canada to anyone who plans to have their home inspected.
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Ally Davis Avatar
Ally Davis
David and Mike did an amazing job on their inspection for the condo we were looking to buy! My partner and I have never been through this process before and we were quite nervous, but both David and Mike made us feel comfortable and took time to answer all of our questions. Their inspection was thorough, professional, honest, and they even made it fun for us. We received an email with a copy of their inspection 15 minutes after we were done! I would recommend their services to anyone purchasing a home, but especially to first time home-buyers as this team will make you feel at ease during a stressful time. You will be in good hands!
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Clarissa Banos Avatar
Clarissa Banos
Superb customer service, very punctual, professional and friendly.
Mike inspected my future home and took the time to go over and review every single detail of the inspection with me, answering all of my questions.
I will definitely hire Inspect Canada to do my Annual Maintenance Check-Up next year!
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Xenia Egorov Avatar
Xenia Egorov
Will helped my clients with their pre-purchase inspection. He was very thorough and gave valuable advice about the maintenance of the property. Friendly, skilled, on time. The report came within minutes and is very easy to navigate. The whole team is responsive and eager to help. Highly recommend them.
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ckhara94 Avatar
Mike with Inspect Canada did a wonderful job coaching my first time home buyers and helping them feel comfortable about their purchase. He is professional, knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.
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Shantala Robinson Avatar
Shantala Robinson
Will inspected a home that we were interested in buying. He did a terrific job, taking the time to explain his process and his thoughts. Will was professional and personable. We got the written report within minutes of the session. Would definitely hire again.
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Brenda Chacon Avatar
Brenda Chacon
David went above and beyond during our inspection . Checked every little thing possible. really took his time during the inspection of our new home , he was very thorough and at the end he explained everything in person and also in writing with photos. He has a easy going personality and will definitely recommend him and use his services in the future. All his reviews are 100% accurate. He’s a 10 star guy
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Jason Liu Avatar
Jason Liu
Definately a professional team. I had them to perform a pre-purchase inspection. They used thermal imaging, electical tester and all sort of professional gears, identified different kinds of issues and kindly explained how serious they are. At the end, they sent out a professional inspection report with photos and issues. Strongly recommended!
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Yaseen Ansari Avatar
Yaseen Ansari
Highly recommend these guys, very professional and thorough with their work.
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Carl Gutsche Avatar
Carl Gutsche
Fantastic job! Couldn't be happier with the service provided and overview.
Report was very thorough and easy to read. After all was completed we went through the entire home and all solutions were provided to help my wife and I make informed decisions. Thank you soo much!

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We juts had our future property inspected by David and Will. From the moment that I contacted them, the experience was EXCELLENT.
Quick reply to my request for an appointment. Detailed explanation about their services at the time of booking the appointment. Appointment time was very convenient for us. The inspection was VERY VERY THOROUGH. Will spend more than enough time to go over everything with me and my wife. Not only pointing out problem areas, but also informing us how much work could be involved in doing the repair. Overall, both David and Will were wonderful. If you are looking to have your future home inspected, no need to look any further, you will be VERY PLEASED with David and Will.
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Damien Marks Avatar
Damien Marks
I can't say enough positive things about David and William both as professionals and as great people. I often refer them out to clients as anybody who has used them for an inspection has been 100% satisfied with the entire process top to bottom. Not only are they incredibly experienced, thorough, and diligent. They also manage to find positive things about the home as well. 10/10 recommend them to anybody looking for a home inspection done right.
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Shiv Varma Avatar
Shiv Varma
Just wanted to say that My wife and I were absolutely impressed by Mike and David! We really appreciate the time they both spent with us and the diligence they took to explain thoroughly the home inspection process. Knowing this is our first home for our family, the guys helped educate us today and going forward. 100 times thank to you both!
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Sophia Gee Avatar
Sophia Gee
David and his crew are amazing inspectors and provides amazing work.

Professional and thorough!

One of the best I have every worked with!
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Trystan King Avatar
Trystan King
Best in the business! Often refer them out to clients and they are satisfied each and every time. Professional, diligent, and friendly. You won’t be disappointed!
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Josh Ma Avatar
Josh Ma
They're amazing guys who really take their time looking through the property and then to explain all their findings to you. Thanks again!
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Jason Wood Avatar
Jason Wood
I needed a rush inspection for a client and they were willing and able to accommodate l,n questions asked. They were also on time, thorough and got the job done in a timely manner to the buyers satisfaction. As a REALTOR® I'd highly recommend their services.
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Randy Law Avatar
Randy Law
David was very enthusiastic in helping us with our home inspection. He gave thorough reports and was open to answering all our questions that we had. He was also very friendly and accommodating, making it a fantastic experience. Would definitely recommend him and Inspect Canada!
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Jesse Johnston Avatar
Jesse Johnston
I'm very happy I was recommended Inspect Canada. David and William were extremely professional, answered all my questions and were so positive they made the home inspection process fun! They were able to find some items that needed to be repaired by the seller so we can move in with some piece of mind.
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J Thorn Avatar
J Thorn
I’ve heard horror stories about home inspectors that lacked knowledge or were less than thorough, and let me tell you these guys are exactly the opposite of that. I’m a handy guy and thought I could probably do the same job but after hiring Inspect Canada I was blown away with how thorough and knowledgeable our inspector David was. He checked and noted things I would have never thought of and gave a full tour and report when finished. Peace of mind is something you value when purchasing a home and that’s exactly what they provide!
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Chelsea Stokolas Avatar
Chelsea Stokolas
David was amazing! This is our first home purchase and we couldn't be happier with David's services. He was so thorough doing a full inspection of the place from top to bottom and then walking us through everything at the end and providing a full detailed report. He was so kind, VERY knowledgable and overall a pleasure to deal with. We are so happy our Real Estate agent referred him as we will always use his services for future moves.
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Khushbu Priya Das Avatar
Khushbu Priya Das
David and Will are highly skilled home inspection professionals. They came at our townhouse well on time and completely equipped. Even before we knew, they had already started exterior inspection. They inspected very thoroughly for water leakages, molds and rodents in our townhouse all over the places, be it attics, garage or any crawl spaces. They also inspected all the electrical appliances, fireplace and utilities well. With their infrared camera, they showed us results as they went ahead. They were very patient in answering all our inspection queries and only encouraged us to shoot more questions at them. After they were done inspecting, they did a walk down with us explaining inspection findings. In the course of which, they also educated us regarding simple maintenance procedures to follow in the house for longer lasting appliances and utilities. The inspection lasted for around two hours and in another half an hour we had a copy of a very comprehensive report in our hands. The inspection report was pretty detailed and had pictures as well. I believe they have a very cool mobile application that they use while inspection, which produces a very pretty report. Also, I feel they charge pretty reasonable for the inspection. We can’t thank them enough for doing such a great job for us and helping us make an informed decision regarding purchasing our townhouse.
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Gabriel Cha Avatar
Gabriel Cha
David and his team are extremely diligent and professional. I’ve worked with them many times and cannot recommend them enough!
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Robert Almeida Avatar
Robert Almeida
Very knowledgable and professional, worth every penny!
read more
Timothy Lower Avatar
Timothy Lower
Great company, David is a leader in his field. -Home Boss 😎
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Vicheth Sen Avatar
Vicheth Sen
Professional advice, quality service. I strongly recommend Inspect Canada to anyone who is looking for high quality home inspection.
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Juliana Vallee Avatar
Juliana Vallee
Super detailed and though inspection for my clients. I would highly recommend David and his team.
read more
Kory Bogen Avatar
Kory Bogen
Service was fantastic and very efficient. I learned from the inspector and he was very friendly and funny. Highly recommend!
read more
I-Chen Pintar Avatar
I-Chen Pintar
David did an amazing job. He is very attentive and thorough with the inspection. We are happy with his service and highly recommend him.
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Ameer Shamoon Avatar
Ameer Shamoon
I would highly recommend this great team. They really know what they’re doing. They would explain all the details you need to know. Very friendly and organized.
read more
Melissa Bose Avatar
Melissa Bose
Inspectors were both knowledgeable and friendly. Thorough inspection of all areas inside condo. Detailed report after with pictures including both positives and areas that needed attention. Would use again.
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Randy Mann Avatar
Randy Mann
David has worked with many of my clients over the years. He’s always very professional, well-versed in his industry, and My buyers love how Thorough he is about the inspection. I would recommend him over and over again.
read more
Richard Avatar
Just excellent! Extremely professional and very patient and willing to spend time to go through every single detail with us and we are very pleased with their service and professionalism. Thank you so much Will and David!
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Frank Pupo Avatar
Frank Pupo
Inspect Canada recently did an inspection for a buyer of mine. Inspect Canada was extremely detailed, efficient, not only looked through the unit but also checked parking and storage Facilities. Although my client could not attend the inspection, they called my client immediately to discuss the report. My client was extremely impressed by their detailed discussion and their professionalism.
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Pratick Mukherjee Avatar
Pratick Mukherjee
Excellent service from the team. They were able to accommodate me at short notice too and were very clear and organized in presenting the results both verbally and written. Would use them again, hope they expand their service to other BC cities one day!
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Keaton Kirkwood Avatar
Keaton Kirkwood
David is an amazing inspector and provides amazing work.

If you are looking for an inspector who will be thorough but also take the time to answer your questions look no further.

One of the best I have every worked with!
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sokha eang Avatar
sokha eang
We have Used Dave on many inspections and he is fantastic. Helpful and to the point! Very informative and educational on all the things he does for my clients. His schedule is always accommodating. Highly Recommend
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Pedram Sadeghi Malekabadi Avatar
Pedram Sadeghi Malekabadi
Our Experience with David was nothing but positive and great. We had to move the inspection date couple of times and he was very nice and understanding about it. The inspection report the y provided is very detailed and organized. I would definitely recommend them.
read more
Michelle Law Avatar
Michelle Law
We were so happy with the service David and William provided us. They were very thorough and detailed which is exactly what you want from Inspectors. The price was good and competitive and what we expected. We will be recommending them to our friends and family.
read more
Natalie Izumenko Avatar
Natalie Izumenko
I would highly recommend David and his team, being genuinely friendly and very easy to work with, very thorough and professional. While the inspection was underway, they answered all my questions and walked through the condo with me showing me all items of concern in person. I received a very detailed report within an hour after the inspection and follow up email checking if I have any additional questions or concerns. I did two inspections before with other inspectors, but I will definitely use David and his team again in the future and would recommend them to anyone.
read more
Patrick Tang Avatar
Patrick Tang
I read the good comment from Yelp and google website. I personally do not really believe in good comment unless with friend recommendation, but this time I was wrong. David and William did a excellent inspection on my house I'm going to purchase. They gave me a lot of useful information that I never thought of. Thank you David and Will. Highly recommend Inspect Canada to everyone that going to buy a house.
read more
Michelle Lopes Avatar
Michelle Lopes
David and William were amazing - their home inspection and report were very thorough. They took the time to clearly explain their process and the results of their inspection. They also provided contact information for professionals that can help with any issues identified which is so convenient. They provided great service - very friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend them!
read more
John Wong Avatar
John Wong
I shopped around and evaluated several inspection companies before I decided to go with David, and I am so glad I made the right choice. David and William did a very thorough job on inspecting the property. You literally get two well qualified diligent inspectors for the price of one. In addition to a super detailed report with many pictures and descriptions, they took turns walked me through the whole house explaining all the areas and systems throughout the house, and recommended remedies.
Their work directly gave me concrete and influential reasons to further negotiate on my purchase price.
They did not even ask me to leave a review but I feel their excellent service deserves a good review.
read more
Nikki Singbeil Avatar
Nikki Singbeil
Thorough, friendly and informative! I highly recommend these guys!
read more
Rhea Marie Domantay Avatar
Rhea Marie Domantay
David and team did great for our condo inspection. Thank you
read more
Lei Peng Avatar
Lei Peng
I am glad to get David team's professional service for my house inspection two times. He explained details of every conner and provide useful suggections. They are the house inspector you could trust.
read more
Andy Kwan Avatar
Andy Kwan
We had the pleasure to work with David and William for our recent home purchase. We found them to be extremely professional and knowledgable. Very happy with our choice and would highly recommend them to anyone.
read more
Crystal Lindstrom Avatar
Crystal Lindstrom
I was very happy to have hired David and his company for my home inspection. It was nice to have been walked around after they had done their inspection and explained everything they found, either good things or areas of concern. Thank you for your expertise!
read more
Chad Lindstrom Avatar
Chad Lindstrom
David and William were great. Prompt, professional and thorough. The quality and reliability is great with these guys. They really put you at ease when you see just how detailed they get with their inspection.

I would use them again.
read more
Matt Herunter Avatar
Matt Herunter
It was immediately clear upon starting the inspection that David and William are extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing their clients with the most comprehensive review possible. They were happy to take the time to answer all our questions as we followed them around the property, into the crawlspace, and up into the attic. One section of the crawlspace was inaccessible, and David crawled beneath the deck and moved a large pile of old construction lumber to try to get in. Still unable to get in, they came back several days later when the seller provided access. The reports provided afterwards via email are excellent, with suggestions, images, and descriptions of findings. Couldn't have asked for better from an inspection.
read more
Sanket Nayak Avatar
Sanket Nayak
David did an amazing job at inspecting my house. He explained me every corner of my house in detail..He even recommended me with some negotiations I should do during my subjects removal. He has a very accommodating nature where he even waited for me beyond his normal quoted hours.

I highly recommend David
read more
L Jay Avatar
L Jay
David and William did a very good job in identifying 10 minor and 5 moderate issues requiring electrical, plumbing, and general repairs.

They are very knowledgeable about the exterior building envelop and the underground parking problem areas.

Their presentation of the home inspection deficiencies to the Seller's Agent, enabled me to receive a $500 credit toward the repairs identified. Well worth the money. Provides good peace of mind - will definitely use David / William again in the future.
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Gord McBride Avatar
Gord McBride
David and William were fantastic. Totally exceeded our expectations of what was going to happen. They arrived at our new house well ahead of the scheduled time and conducted an extremely thorough inspection. They took the time following the inspection to walk us through and explain in detail what looked good and what needed to be done. My wife and I aren't handy at all when it comes to this kind of stuff so it really helped us figure out what we were getting ourselves into. I would totally recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for first class work. Well done guys!
read more
Rob Prior Avatar
Rob Prior
I would highly recommend David and his team. Very thorough and professional. Exactly what you would want in a home inspection very detailed report that answered any questions plus while the inspection was underway they were more than willing to answer any questions and walk through the property with me showing me any concerns in person. By far they exceeded expectations while also being genuinely friendly and very easy to work with. I will definitely use them again in he future and would recommend them to anyone.
read more
Zakir Ahmed Khan Avatar
Zakir Ahmed Khan
Inspect Canada was recommended to me by my agent and I booked them for our home inspection on October 5. David and William have been amazing! On the day of the inspection, they arrived early to complete an inspection of the exterior. They did a professional and thorough job with a lot of attention to detail. The whole inspection process was very well organized. David was very patient and spent a lot of time making sure my questions were answered. The inspection time was supposed to be 3 hours but they ended up spending 4.5 HOURS which I really appreciate. The 60+ pages of home inspection report was very thorough & detailed. David responded promptly to all my questions that arose after receiving his inspection report, which I received shortly after the inspection. As this house was under construction (very close to completion) and some items were unfinished, David kindly offered to come back later and inspect the unfinished items for FREE! Overall, I had great experience with David and William and I wholeheartedly recommend Inspect Canada to anyone looking for home inspection. Thank you, David and William.
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May Minh Avatar
May Minh
David has been helpful during and after the home inspection as he would provide valuable advice on the repair! Very responsive!!
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Solomon Yasin Avatar
Solomon Yasin
David is a great home inspector. Went above and beyond and very patient and knowledagable.
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Daniel Heath, P.Eng. Avatar
Daniel Heath, P.Eng.
David is fantastic! He performed a pre-purchase home inspection on our new condo prior to removing subjects. His inspection was thorough and the report he gave us was comprehensive. With only 10 days left on our 90-day guarantee I contacted David with some odd electrical issues. He came over that morning to look at everything again. We found a solution. I'm so thankful that we used him in the first place! 10 out of 10 would recommend!
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Tony Avatar
David was great! Very informative, would definitely recommend.
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Donny Courtney Avatar
Donny Courtney
David and his team went above and beyond our expectations from a home inspector. He took the time to explain both the negatives and the positives taken from the inspection. Thank you David!
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LuLu Interest Avatar
LuLu Interest
High Quality of Work!! will definitely come back for the future property.
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zahid mahmood Avatar
zahid mahmood
I am so happy to have inspection with david.highly recmonded to first time buyer.he explained every single point in the house.thanks david
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Ryan Luck Avatar
Ryan Luck
Great inspector, as a real estate agent he is my go to guy to call for an inspection for my buyers and sellers.
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Keith Miller Avatar
Keith Miller
We could not be happier with David. His price for inspecting our condo came in well under his competitors, he was extremely professional and thorough in his inspection and took lots of extra time to answer all of my questions and give me some long-term maintenance tips.
We got our inspection report the same day and learned even more from that than what he was able to tell us in person. My wife and I recommend David as a home inspector to anyone!
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Meryl Hamdillah Avatar
Meryl Hamdillah
I’ve attended many buyer inspections as a Realtor and I found David to be very professional, thorough and informative in his work. I had a client who got an accepted offer subject to inspection on a townhome in Maple Ridge and David was able to discover several hidden deficiencies including a moisture leak that would not have been noticed to the naked eye. Thanks to David’s top rated inspection, I was able to negotiate and help our clients save on the full repair costs prior to subject removal. Thank you David! It was a pleasure and I look forward to working with you again!
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T Liew Avatar
T Liew
I’ve had 3 inspectors in the past 10 years and David has been the most thorough and professional. Well worth the money. His handheld FLIR could detect any defects inside the radiant floor, as well as any moisture inside any exterior walls.

The end report was well laid out and he was very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. A+!
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Diego Alvarez Avatar
Diego Alvarez
David gave us peace of mind when buying our house, he was very professional and gave us S detailed report about the house inspection. I would recommend him to anyone.
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Kevin Sherman Avatar
Kevin Sherman
David was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He spent the time to go through everything with us and to answer all of our questions. Would highly recommend!
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Maya Uljevic Avatar
Maya Uljevic
David was fantastic! He was available when we needed him and came on time with everything he needs. In the walk through, he was very clear with his explaination and was able to easily explain it to us in common language. He spent tons of time answering questions and his follow up after the inspectio was always prompt. I would highly recommend him to anyone that's looking for a new home.
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SoldByNas Realtor Avatar
SoldByNas Realtor
Best in the business, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and also walked my clients through the report. I would recommend David and his team to all my clients.
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Marcello Di Fran. Avatar
Marcello Di Fran.
I am the owner and operator of VAN D Electrical. David called me out one day to check on a house that he was un sure if the whole house had knob and tube wiring. We inspected the house and confirmed it did, David has a lot of knowledge on what a proper home should look like and I learned a lot from my experience with him that day. I would definitely recommend him to inspect your home if you are looking to sell. As a homeowner my self I believe people should be aware of what they are buying or about to sell to someone for peace of mind.
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Akira Wang Avatar
Akira Wang
David and his partner did an awesome job on a brand new built property in Coquitlam for my client, very detailed and professional walk through and report, also came back to the property to check on the water tank on the next day for free for my clients as the tank wasn't hooked up on the day of inspection. Definitely recommend them to anyone else.
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Simon Chau Avatar
Simon Chau
David made the process extremely easy. Very approachable, answered and explained everything after the inspection.
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Harish Dewangan Avatar
Harish Dewangan
Efficient, knowledgeable and expert in their field. I strongly recommend them to my friends and family. Everything was transparent and smooth with them, happy with their service.
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Mark Canning Avatar
Mark Canning
David has been great to work with. Efficient, thorough, friendly, and incredibly clear. He went over our place with a fine tooth comb explaining every step as he went, and has since generously answered all our questions. Highly recommended.
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manvir sekhon Avatar
manvir sekhon
David was very professional, friendly, and very through with inspection. He went into all details and explained me everything so well. Very reasonable price. I highly recommend him.
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Ari Page Avatar
Ari Page
We had two house inspections done, and both were completed professionally and thoroughly. David presented the reports in a very detailed and friendly manner. Highly recommended!
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After contacting over 10 inspection companies, we chose Inspect Canada to do our townhouse inspection in Surrey. The inspector was David, he was early and gave us a very detailed report within 15 minutes of the inspection. The Buy Back Guarantee that they provide is incredible. They were not the cheapest and not the most expensive but we received a lot of value and education. We feel very confident to refer David to our friend and family for their home inspection needs.
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Tammy Tsang Avatar
Tammy Tsang
I would recommend David to anyone doing a house inspection. David was very professional and thorough from the moment we were introduced. He spent three hours going through every detail of the house. He took photos of everything which was available in his online report. Their online portal.made the report significantly more simple to understand and navigate than the last binder I had to look through. During the walk through, he was patient with all of our questions and provided us with advice and direction. Having worked with another inspector before, David is by far the better choice.
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A Rivas Avatar
A Rivas
The entire process from booking to paying to the inspector and report was great. I really liked the attention to detail in the report and pictures capturing deficiencies.
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Phil Jang Avatar
Phil Jang
Great service. Fast scheduling and detailed inspection.
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Paul Mendoza Avatar
Paul Mendoza
Mehran at Inspect Canada was clear, concise, yet thorough, and full of information. Enjoyed our walk through after the inspection and appreciate the little tips for small improvements considering we had a 10 month old with us.
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